Mortal Kombat Game Guide

"Bring it!"

A decorated member of the U.S. Special Forces and a formidable close-kombat 
warrior, Major Jackson Briggs' current mission is to bring down the notorious 
criminal organization known as the Black Dragon. With Lieutenant Sonya Blade, 
he has seized many of their weapons caches. But when a trusted informant, Kano, 
was revealed to be a high-ranking member of the Black Dragon, Jax made Kano's 
capture his priority. Kano has gotten the better of Jax thus far, leading the 
Special Forces into numerous deadly ambushes. Jax and Sonya finally cornered 
Kano on an uncharted island but were overpowered by the island's inhabitants. 
They have now been forced into a sadistic ritual of bloody kombat.

 Uppercut 		- Down + [BP]
 Hook Swipe 		- Back + [FP]
 Big Leg 		- Forward + [FK]
 Shin Kick 		- Forward + [BK]
 Sweep 			- Back + [BK]
 Throws :
  Triple Slam - Throw, [FP] + [BK]
  Four slams  - Throw, [FP] + [BK], [BP] + [FK]
  Five slams  - Throw, [FP] + [BK], [BP] + [FK], [BP] + [BK]
  Six slams   - Throw, [FP] + [BK], [BP] + [FK], [BP] + [BK], 
		 [FP] + [BP] + [FK] + [BK]

 Fast Tag

 Majority Rules 	- Down, Back, [FK], Tag
 Outranked   		- Down, Back, [FK] + Block, Tag
	(Uses one bar of Super)

 Tag Combos

 Major Muscles 		- Back + [FP], [BP], Tag
 Alloyver You 		- [BP], Forward + [BP], Tag
 Briggs' Da Noise 	- [BP], Forward + [BP], Back + [FP], Tag


 Major Force 		- [FP], [BP], [FK]
 Boot Kamp 		- Back + [FP], [BP], [BK]
 Active Duty 		- [BP], [FP]
 Fild Grade 		- [BP], [BP]
 Chain of Command 	- [BP], Forward + [BP], Back + [FP]
 Advance Force 		- Forward + [BK], [FP], [FK]
 Code of Conduct 	- Forward + [BK], [FP], [BK]

 Special Moves

 Energy Wave 		- Down, Back, [BP] 
 Dash Punch 		- Down, Forward, [BP]
 Ground Pound
	Close   	- Down, Back, [FK] 
	Medium  	- Down, Forward, [FK]
	Far		- Down, Back Forward, [FK]
 Gotcha Grab 		- Down, Forward, [FP]
 Air Gotcha Grab	- Down, Back, [FP]
 Overhead Smash		- Down, Up, [BK]
 Back Breaker		- Throw
	(While in air)

 Enhanced Attacks
 (Requires one bar of Super)

 Assault Wave 		- Down, Back, [BP] + Block
 Dash Fist 		- Down, Forward, [BP] + Block
 Ground Quake 		- Down, Back, [FK] + Block
 Gotcha Beatdown 	- Down, Forward, [FP] + Block
 Air Gotcha Blast 	- Down, Back, [FP] + Block
 Elite Smash 		- Down, Up, [BK] + Block

 X-Ray Move
 (Requires full Super bar)

 Briggs' Bash  		- Flip Stance + Block
   (Jax throws his opponent over his head and breaks their back over
    his knee, then breaks their back over his shoulders.)

 Finishing Moves

 Smash and Grab 	- Back, Forward, Forward, Back, [BP]
   (Jax smahes his opponent's head in with a clasp of his hands, then
    rips their arms off.  Stand Close.)
 Three Points! 		- Forward, Forward, Back, Down, [FK]
   (Jax pounds his opponent into the ground like a nail, then punts
    their head off.  Stand in sweep distance.)
 Stage Fatality  	- Down, Forward, Down, [FP]
 Babality 		- Down, Down, Down, [FK]
   (Baby Jax throws a tantrum and pounds the ground.)