Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

When you play a Noir Spider-Man level you'll find the gameplay changes to emphasize stealth over in-your-face attacks. Noir Spider-Man must stick to the shadows and stalk his prey, striking out with a web to wrap enemies in a cocoon and take them out of the fight. Noir Spider-Man is not as good in a fight as his three other selves, so if you're spotted it's best to lose your pursuers in the darkness rather than trying to out-muscle them. I'm not usually a fan of stealth games, but I found the Noir levels to be particularly enjoyable. It's probably because in this game you can flit from shadow to shadow, striking out relatively often rather than spending most of your time sitting in one spot or another trying to memorize patrol patterns.

The boss fights are enjoyable, and you'll be facing a veritable rouge's gallery of Spider-Man nemeses from the more famous Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus to lesser known ones like Kraven the Hunter and Hammerhead. Each level in the game holds a shard of the artifact, and in each level it has made its way into the hands of one of these archenemies. You'll face off against each archenemy more than once in a level, and the final showdown will be against a mutated, powered-up version of the boss fueled by the power of the artifact.

The four dimensions each feature their own art style and each one of them on their own would make for a good-looking game. There is a stark contrast between the different art styles, but taken all together they make for one of the more visually interesting games that I've played lately. The voice acting is also quite good, and the script does a good job of capturing each Spider-Man's personality and quick wit in an entertaining way that doesn't become repetitive or grow tiresome.

Shattered Dimensions shows that it is possible to make a thoroughly enjoyable and great-looking superhero game. Since such things are still few and far between, take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy one of the good ones.

Final Rating: 92%. It might have taken four Spider-Men to do it, but overall Shattered Dimensions is the web-slinging superhero's best game yet.


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