LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide

Eve's Asylum                                                             [WAL5]

|Up and At 'Em|                                                          [W5.1]

There are 8 PRIZE BUBBLES at the beginning of the level.

When you get on the caterpillar, you'll ride up the level through an obstacle
course of sorts. This first part has 12 PRIZE BUBBLES. They're scattered around
and are easy to spot, but you will have to do this at least twice. Stick to 
one side at a time.

In the next section you'll need to watch out for two types of enemies: 
spider-like creatures that run along visible paths in the ground, and 
stationary enemies that fire volleys of flaming material. There are 10 PRIZE 
BUBBLES to collect in this section. Some are next to the spiders, others 
come in groups of three by the stationary enemies.

The third and last section is another obstacle course, though this one is 
slightly more treacherous. There are 10 PRIZE BUBBLES scattered about here.
There is also a key that unlocks the Hungry Caterpillars stage. You'll find 
it shortly after you enter the section, in the very middle. It's partially 
encased in walls so you'll have to back into it from the far side.

|Fireflies When You're Having Fun|                                       [W5.2]

Go right a bit at the beginning and you'll see a switch trigger above you.
You need the Golden Apple sticker found in the Patients Are a Virtue level.
When you activate it, a creatinator appears up ahead that shoots out bounce 
pads. You can use them to reach high places.

If you have the creatinator, go back to the beginning checkpoint and start 
bouncing up to the right of it. There are 5 PRIZE BUBBLES in alcoves above you.
Watch out for the flaming bugs.

If you have the creatinator, go to the see-saw platform just after the 
beginning checkpoint and place a bounce pad to the right of it, just above 
the gap. Bounce up this tunnel. At the very top you'll find 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.
You'll need to time this one carefully so that the fire bugs don't destroy 
your bounce pads.

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to get in an alcove on the right after the first set 
of bounce pads.

At the next checkpoint there are two sets of bounce pads. There is 1 PRIZE 
BUBBLE in an alcove to the left, just above the second bounce pad.

Be careful when you get to the bounce pads on the far right. They send you 
flying a good distance, so make sure there are no fire bugs directly above 

When you get to the next see-saw platform, use it to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE above
the left end of the platform.

If you have the creatinator, put a bounce pad just to the right of the see-saw
platform and bounce up the tunnel. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on the large 
block directly above you.

The next area requires you to use bounce pads to move forward and avoid 
fire bugs. If you have the creatinator, bounce up to the top to find 1 PRIZE 
BUBBLE. Exit via the hidden top right corner and you can bounce up to a ledge
once you get outside that has score bubbles on it. Follow that ledge to pick 
up 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. Before you move on, go back to the track the fire bugs 
are using and drop down. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in the middle that you 
can also get without using the creatinator.

You need to grapple across the fire bugs in the next sections. In the area 
where they move straight up, if you have the creatinator, explore the 
upper left wall for 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

At the next checkpoint, if you have the creatinator, explore the area above 
you for 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

You'll need to grapple the sponges and use the vertical bounce pads here to
sling yourself up to the top. After this, enter the level link.

After navigating the moving bounce pads, you'll come across a cooperative 
area that yields 6 PRIZE BUBBLES. You get four if you have 2 players and 
two bubbles if you have 3 players.

When you get to the grappling hook, grapple onto the material above you and 
it'll start to move up. Here you need to avoid the fireballs being thrown at 
you and collect 8 PRIZE BUBBLES on your way up.

When swinging across the sponges, be careful. You cannot grapple onto a sponge
if it is on fire.

When you get to the area with the flaming enemies, wait for all four to 
pass before dropping down. The first two alcoves give you 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.
If you go all the way to the end, you can jump into the background for 2 PRIZE

Next you'll have to use bounce pads to get up to the top level. However, 
there are flaming wheels rolling along them, which lights them on fire, 
making them dangerous. You'll need some precise timing to get to the top 
safely. This is probably the biggest obstacle you'll face when trying to 
ace the level. The fact that it's located at the very end of the second part
doesn't help things.

|Patients Are a Virtue|                                                  [W5.3]

At the very beginning, run left to find 1 PRIZE BUBBLE. When you drop down, 
run left again to find 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

Use the creatinator to put out the fire ahead and ride the platform down. 
At the bottom, douse the flaming box and you'll receive 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

Whenever you see the blue watery solid rods, shoot the fat end to make them
extend. Do this to lower the platform ahead.

When the three burning enemies appear, hit them with water to destroy them.

You'll soon have to make two blue rods extend, and they're both angled. Run 
up the first one and hop into the middle layer. Instead of going left, 
go right. There's a hidden passage here with 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE by the next checkpoint.

You can get 4 PRIZE BUBBLES by putting out the flaming boxes with people 
inside them.

You'll have to shoot blue rods twice to make a series of vines extend. After 
the second time, climb the long string of vines and then hop onto a small, 
partially hidden platform on the left. It has a bounce pad that'll throw you

Watch out when you extend the next blue rod. Flaming cylinders hitting it 
will cause it to retract.

Douse the next flaming box and the guy will reward you with 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.
Also, watch out for 3 enemies that pop up behind you.

The key that unlocks the Mind Control stage is on a platform to the right 
of the first spinning set of platforms.

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to get in the area with three blue rods to extend. If 
you're having trouble getting it, you can shoot it with water to make it 
sway back and forth.

Use the rocking platform to nab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE up and to your left. Putting 
out the flaming box gets you 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

As you descend using the blue rods as platforms, a few flaming enemies will 
drop in behind you. At the bottom, go left into the alcove for 3 PRIZE 

After you use the lift, go left to find 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in another alcove.

There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE next to the blue rod that you need to extend to get
the large fireball moving. When it drops it'll burn the vines and let you 
continue. When this happens, immediately drop down and get ahead of the 
fireball and push it back. Don't worry, you can't actually put it out with 
the water. Use the next set of vines to get up to 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. Now go 
ahead and use the fireball to burn them away. After you drop down again, go 
left to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE that's partially hidden.

Extinguish the last flaming box to get 1 PRIZE BUBBLE. There is also 1 PRIZE
BUBBLE resting just before the scoreboard.

|Casa Del Higginbotham|                                                  [W5.4]

You can use the blue watery-solid things to make platforms launch you up into
the air this time.

When you get to the first area that's on fire, put it out. The fires in this 
level spread to adjacent objects, so make sure the whole thing is out before
you jump down. Also, shoot the green watery-solid thing above you to drop 2 

You'll have to use a series of platforms that bounce you up when you hit 
the blue bulbs with water. At the top left, you'll find the key that unlocks
the Root Canal stage.

After the last platform bounces you up the long shaft, hit the green bulb 
to release 4 PRIZE BUBBLES.

Watch out for the holes with the exclamation marks next to them. Flaming 
enemies will come out of them from time to time.

When you use the next bouncing platform, go left at the top. There's 1 PRIZE
BUBBLE partially hidden by the blue bulb.

There's a cooperative area up ahead that requires 4 players and yields 6 PRIZE

After you destroy the swinging enemy and extend the vine bridge, hit the 
green bulb for 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

When extinguishing the flaming ground, make sure you take out the enemies 
first. You'll soon reach a part where a large section of ground is covered in 
flames and you have to use bounce pads to get up to higher levels. This can 
be a pain since you can't extinguish the whole thing at once. You'll 
constantly have to be pushing the fire back. While on the ground, go past 
the first bounce pad to collect 4 PRIZE BUBBLES. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES 
on the second level. The final bounce pad has two flaming enemies on it, and 
they're the source of the fire.

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE hanging just after the checkpoint with the giant 
piranha plant-type creature.

The giant plant will move back and forth and shoot flaming materials at you.
When he opens his mouth to shoot, hit the flaming portion with water. Do this
enough and you'll destroy him.

|Invasion of the Body Invaders|                                          [W5.5]

There are 4 PRIZE BUBBLES to collect at the beginning of the level. They 
are hard to get since they move away from you when you get near them.

To destroy the pink barriers you need to use R1 to grab a white blood cell 
and then launch it at the barriers. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES after the first
barrier, and 2 PRIZE BUBBLES after the second.

You'll come to a room with two barriers that shoot pink infection things at 
you. Destroy the one on the left first and explore the room behind it for 6 
PRIZE BUBBLES. There are 6 PRIZE BUBBLES behind the one on the right as 

The boss for this stage is an eye surrounded by a bunch of pink infection. 
It just kind of moves around, and you need to hit the eye with a white blood 
cell to damage it. If you destroy all of the pink infection, it'll move 
towards the center and refill the infection around it. If the "searchlight" in
front of it goes red, that means it's spotted you and the eye will chase you 
around for a bit. After you hit the eye enough times, it splits into two 
eyes. Just keep hitting it with the white blood cell. Eventually it'll split
into four eyes. They don't take many hits to destroy, but they're all over 
the place, so stay out of their movement lines. Once you take them down, the
level ends.

|Hungry Caterpillars|                                                    [W5.6]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Up and At 'Em level.

This is a versus stage that combines Snake and Tron. You'll control a 
caterpillar and the goal is to eat as many apples that appear as possible. 
Everytime you eat an apple, the caterpillar gets longer, up to a certain 
point. If you run into another caterpillar, or even your own, you'll lose 

|Mind Control|                                                           [W5.7]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Patients Are a Virtue level.

This stage is a series of puzzles where you have to control two sackbots and 
get them on the green pads at the same time.

The first puzzle is easy. Just jump the gaps for each sackbot.

For the second puzzle, move both sackbots to the left until the top one drops
down a level. Now move both of them as far right as they can go. Now move 
them back to the left.

At the third puzzle, move left until the top sackbot can grab and hold onto 
the spongy part of the floor. Now move the bottom sackbot all the way to the 
right. Move left to finish it.

The fourth puzzle is really easy. Just navigate the sackbots around the "maze".
You can focus on just one at a time if you want.

You may notice a small piece of sponge at the top of the right column when 
you get to the fifth puzzle. Grab it and then let go so that both sackbots are
in the green beams at the same time.

The sixth puzzle is easy. Just get the left sackbot up to the top level, then 
get the right sackbot up there.

The seventh puzzle is also easy as long as you don't mess up at the beginning.
Just move right and jump over the moving bounce pads. If you hit one, it 
knocks you off of the platform and you'll have to start all over. It's 
imperative that both sackbots be lined up together the whole time.

The eighth puzzle is easier than it looks. Move over to the spongy material 
on the floor and grab it. This raises the floor below the bottom sackbot, and 
he'll automatically grab the spongy material above him. This opens the way 
for the top sackbot to reach the green pad. Let go and run for the pads.

The ninth puzzle can be a bit tricky. Have the left sackbot grab the first 
sponge. Drop him off at the second floor, and then have him grab the next 
sponge that comes down. When he's on that one, have the right sackbot grab 
the first sponge on his side. They should both meet on the second floor, so 
drop them both off here. From here you just have to let the second sponges 
escort each sackbot up to the green pads.

The tenth puzzle is simple. Just use the bounce pads to get both sackbots 
to cling to the moving sponges above you, then drop them both off above the 

The final puzzle is a bit tricky. That spongy platform in the middle can be 
pushed around. Have the right sackbot push it into the other side, then have 
the left sackbot use it to get up to the platform with the sponge block. Bring
the block down and push the spongy platform back into the right side. Now push
the spongy block up to the platform with the pad. Now have the right sackbot
jump around until he gets onto the top most platform. While going right over 
to his pad, the left sackbot should be heading right as well, towards his pad.
Use the spongy block to get up there.

The three vending machines at the end have 2 PRIZE BUBBLES each, except for 
the middle one, which has 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. The scores needed to obtain them 
are 20,000, 45,000, and 90,000 points. Also, when you finish the race, don't
let that scoring meter fool you. I finished the race with roughly 89,000 
points and thought that I had just missed out on the final vending machine. 
However, my end total was just over 100,000 points, so you pick up more 
points somewhere around the finish line.

|Root Canal|                                                             [W5.8]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Casa del Higginbotham level.

This stage is another series of puzzles.

At the beginning, head right and go underwater. Watch out for the spikes and 
swim around and surface again. You need to push that block out so that you 
can swim back around and use it continue on. Remember to keep pressing X to 
swim faster.

After the spinning platform, you'll come across two platforms with sponges 
beneath them. The sponges float on water and hold the platforms up. You need
to reposition the sponges so that the first platform angles down towards you
and the second platform is flat.

Head back underwater and this time you'll need to move the three orange 
creatures from under the left block over to the right block. Use the bubbles
to refill your air supply.

At the next puzzle, go underwater and head right until you see a switch. Hit 
it and then grab the orange fish above you. It's tethered to the flaming 
platform. Put the fish under the device you raised, then pull the switch 
again to lower the device. This pulls the flaming platform down and 
extinguishes it. Hit the switch again to raise it back up.

At the last puzzle, go down and move the two orange fish from the outer 
buttons to the inner buttons.

The three vending machines at the end award 3 PRIZE BUBBLES each. The scores
necessary are 20,000, 40,000, and 70,000 points.