LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide

Avalonia                                                                 [WAL4]

|Avalon's Advanced Armaments Academy|                                    [W4.1]

The sticker switch at the beginning requires the Avalon Centrifuge sticker. 
You get this one for beating the Flying in the Face of Danger level. All it 
does is turn the level into a race. You don't get any additional prize bubbles.

There are 7 PRIZE BUBBLES at the beginning of the level.

Grab the hanging material to spawn a robobun. When you get to the stacked 
cans, you can jump up and grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES, one over each stack of cans.

After jumping over the three electric materials, you may notice a small piece
of the same material affixed to the top of the doorway. Use it to get up to 

Keep in mind that the checkpoints will also refill the health of the robobun.

There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE next to the electrified machine that keeps shooting
out bubble wrap. It's high up on the left side.

When you have to avoid electric materials on the ceiling, you'll find 2 PRIZE
BUBBLES in between the materials.

After using the four small bubble wrap springboards to get up top, check the 
area above them. There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE floating up here.

You'll come to a part where you have to use R1 to slam down and destroy some 
red materials. Before you do that, use those materials to reach 3 PRIZE BUBBLES
above you.

In the next room, you need to smash rolling targets. Before you do that, 
use them to reach 3 PRIZE BUBBLES high above you.

When you get to the red floor, slam down to destroy the layers. There are 3 
PRIZE BUBBLES to grab here.

You need to destroy three more targets, but they are electrified this time, 
so be careful. Before you take them down, use the targets to reach 5 PRIZE 
BUBBLES high above you.

Next you'll take control of a mechapup. Use R1 to send out a horizontal 
blast that moves blocks. Use it to push the large red block to your right.

After you have to blast three blocks out of the way in the same spot, you'll 
find 3 PRIZE BUBBLES that were resting on the top block.

When you get to the platform moving up and down, blast the electric cylinder
off and hop on, then use the bark to knock down two electric platforms on 
either side. Go left to collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

When you eventually reach a dead end, blast the hanging electric material. 
Wait for it to swing back towards you, then run under it and blast it again.
The point is to make it hit the material resting above it. When that enters 
the hole to the left, the whole wall lowers. There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on the 
other side.

You'll gain control of the hamstertron after this. Use R1 to make him dash in 
whichever direction you're pointing. You can even use this in mid-air.

While boosting through the tunnel system, you'll come across 3 PRIZE BUBBLES
that are stuck rather obviously to the ceiling.

Just after the previous prize bubbles, you'll enter a room. There are 3 
PRIZE BUBBLES in here, along with a key that unlocks the On Burrowed Time 
stage. You'll need to boost up to get all of them.

After jumping over the electric materials, you'll have to boost through a 
series of red doors. There are 8 PRIZE BUBBLES to get in this series of rooms.
You'll need to jump for most of them.

|Got the Hump|                                                           [W4.2]

You'll automatically hop onto the camel. Use the pink cursor to aim and press
R1 to fire. The camel moves forward on it's own, so you'll have to be quick 
about shooting prize bubbles in this one.

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE in the first stack of blocks, and 4 PRIZE BUBBLES in 
the two windmills.

The next three stacks of blocks hold 6 PRIZE BUBBLES.

The two stacks after them hold 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. The two windmills hold 3 

As you descend, another platform will raise. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on it that
you'll need to shoot quickly.

Soon the Negativatron will send out bats to harass you. While destroying them,
look on top of the first pillar for 1 PRIZE BUBBLE that's kind of hard to 

Destroy the missiles, then destroy the missile launcher to move forward. A 
hanging box just ahead holds 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on top of another pillar, and another hanging box with
2 PRIZE BUBBLES. After you get those, watch out for a device that throws 
bombs at you.

When you step on the blue platform, hit the explosive up and to your right 
to release some flaming debris onto the other platform. Once you're at the top,
look above you for 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

There are 8 PRIZE BUBBLES to get in the first set of towers, and 3 PRIZE 
BUBBLES to get at the busted pillar.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on top of the television set.

There are 5 PRIZE BUBBLES to nab as you ride the lift down. The two stacks 
of blocks just after the lift hold 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

There are three large stacks of blocks up next. I'm not sure how many PRIZE 
BUBBLES are actually here, so just blast away. There's also a key in here 
that unlocks the Gobotron stage.

There are 6 PRIZE BUBBLES up next, with 5 of them being grouped together. 
When you destroy them all, the broken pillar falls down and 1 PRIZE BUBBLE 
comes down with it.

There are 4 PRIZE BUBBLES around and on the windmills.

The first stacks of blocks hold 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES 
on and around the next windmill.

The boss for this stage walks backwards as you come towards it, firing bombs 
from its mouth and missiles out of the top of its head. The goal here is to 
shoot his eye as much as possible. Eventually he'll use a jetpack and you won't
be able to hit the eye. When he does this, he'll launch two large missiles that
take a lot of hits to blow up. He will then land back on the ground. Just 
keep pummeling his eye to take him down. When he finally blows up, he'll drop 

There's 1 PRIZE BUBBLE in the windmill just before the scoreboard.

|The Sackbot Redemption|                                                 [W4.3]

There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES on the left wall near the beginning.

Fly up and go left when you get the chance. Hold R1 next to the sackbots and 
they'll latch onto you. Deposit them next to the pipe on the other side. Keep
doing this until the counter reaches zero to open a door above you. Before 
you move through it, there are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES on the right side of the 
tube, along with a key that unlocks the Chick Flick stage.

Next you'll have to carry some sackbots up through a tunnel that cuts through
the ceiling. Most of the surfaces are dangerous. You'll need four sackbots, 
so grab all of them and head up. They weigh you down quite a bit but you 
should still be able to do it with little trouble. After they get sucked up 
into the next pipe, 8 PRIZE BUBBLES appear above you.

You'll need to head up after the floor gets broken. Watch out for the electric
arcs and grab the flooring pieces up here and drop them into the gaps below.
When it's repaired, the sackbots automatically go to the tube, and 6 PRIZE 
BUBBLES drop into the alcove next to it.

Avoid the electric arcs and grab the next sackbots. You need to deposit them
onto the safe areas of the conveyor belt below. Once all four are in the tube, 
you can collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES next to the pipe and move up.

There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES on the left wall by the next checkpoint.

Watch out for the electric arc at the top and bottom of this area. You need to
pull the boxes with sackbots into the middle. Explore the ceiling of this 
area after you've done that to collect 6 PRIZE BUBBLES.

You need to cart 4 sackbots across two gaps that rain down electric materials
and past an electric arc. Once you've done this, grab the 5 PRIZE BUBBLES that
appear next to the pipe, then backtrack to the area between the two gaps with
electric junk coming down. 4 PRIZE BUBBLES will have appeared.

After the area starts to fall apart, grab 4 of the sackbots and toss them
into the pipe so they can hit the button, then toss them into the next pipe.

|Flying in the Face of Danger|                                           [W4.4]

You'll be in control of the bee again, except this time with cannons. The 
screen will also scroll automatically to the right, so be quick.

I'm not going to list every occurence of a prize bubble here simply because 
they are painfully obvious. The hard part is getting to them. Stick to a path,
either top or bottom, because you will have to do this level at least twice 
to get every prize bubble.

The first part just involves you shooting enemies. Most are easy one-shot 
kills, some of them take more bullets and shoot back at you, and others 
emit a red barrier that kills you instantly.

After that, you'll enter an obstacle course type area with moving platforms.
This is also where you'll find all of the prize bubbles. Do not hesitate.
If you see an opening, go for it. The objects don't move super-fast,
so if you think you can make it, you probably can. If you don't, you'll just 
spawn right back into the action. The point here is to try and grab as many 
prize bubbles as possible, which means being as far from the left side of the 
screen as possible.

You'll come to another section where you have to shoot enemies, but it is 
short. After this, the whole thing will speed up and you'll be sent through 
a short obstacle course type area. Stay clear of the walls and just keep 
shooting to destroy any barriers. After this, everything tilts and you'll be 
flying up the screen. Destroy a few enemies and head through another short 
obstacle course to end this level.

|Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship|                                          [W4.5]

In this boss fight you must protect Avalon's spaceship from the Negativatron's
spaceship, using the flying bee.

The enemy ship's first attack will be a long-lasting and large beam fired 
directly from the middle. It also has two turrets that fire smaller bolts 
of energy directly at you. Pummel that thing in the middle with as many shots
as possible before it fires the laser.

After you destroy the first brain, the spaceship will shoot out two beams of 
energy that move outward. You'll need to hit two weak spots inside the ship 
that are only visible when the arms are wide open, so move inside the moment
the beams disappear and lay into them.

When you destroy those two weak spots, the spaceship will continue to do the
two beam attack, but he'll alternate it with another two beam attack that 
comes from the outside. When the spaceship uses that attack, you need to be 
directly in the middle, pummeling the enemy controlling the ship. After you 
take him down, the ship blows up.

|On Burrowed Time|                                                       [W4.6]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Avalon's Advanced Armaments 
Academy level.

This entire level is simply you in a hamstertron boosting through a series of
tunnels and collecting score bubbles as you go. It's actually rather easy to 
get the points required for all three vending machines at the end. The trick 
is to keep your multiplier going up.

Each machine at the end gives you 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. The scores required are 
20,000, 50,000, and 99,000 points.

|Gobotron|                                                               [W4.7]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Got the Hump level.

This is a simple but difficult shooter level. You control the ship using the 
left stick and shoot using the right stick. Your health is displayed at the 
bottom of the ship. The arena is fairly small, and enemies will quickly fill
it up. The four pads around the center will be home to powerups from time to 
time. The blue arrows increase your speed, the orange stars give you twice 
the firepower, the green crosses restore health, and the red circles give you 
a shield.

The three vending machines at the end offer up 3 PRIZE BUBBLES each. The scores
to unlock them are 1,500, 3,000, and 6,000 points.

|Chick Flick|                                                            [W4.8]

To unlock this stage you need the key from The Sackbot Redemption level.

This is a versus level. The point here is to boost into other players and 
send them careening into the outer wall, which will instantly kill anyone 
who touches it. Obviously, you want to avoid it yourself.