LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide

Victoria's Laboratory                                                    [WAL2]

|Runaway Train|                                                          [W2.1]

At the beginning, pick up the grabinators and then use them to throw the 
block out of your way. This level functions as a grabinator tutorial.

There are 7 PRIZE BUBBLES to collect in the second train car.

In the next train car, stack the blocks to collect 1 PRIZE BUBBLE hanging 
above Da Vinci. Now use the blocks to make stairs leading up to the next 
floor. Once up here, move left for 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

When moving on top of the train cars, watch out for the signs that sweep over 

Back inside the train car, take a flying leap to collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES 
hanging from the ceiling. You've only got one chance to grab them. At the 
bottom, throw a block at the left button to release 3 PRIZE BUBBLES from 
the hangin contraption. Throw a block at the right button to open the door.

There are 5 PRIZE BUBBLES to get in the next train car. Pick up the jam and 
use them to hit the prize bubbles and collect them. Also note that whenever 
a piece of jam you're holding touches something, it'll automatically pop. 
Finally, carry some jam over and toss it at the bottom to activate some bounce

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on the next floor. Pick up the block, stand under
the button, and keep jumping until all of the icing blocks are gone. When 
moving back on top of the cars, watch out for the signs.

In the pit filled with icing blocks, grab and toss them away to make them 
disappear. Do this on the very left column of blocks and you'll find 2 PRIZE 
BUBBLES hidden there. At the bottom, you'll come across a cooperative area.
There are 6 PRIZE BUBBLES to get here, but you'll need 3 players to grab them
all. If you only have 2 players, you can still access the bottom 3 prizes.

Back outside, use the bounce pads to hit the tops of the three cupcake baddies.

Use the jam to hit two more cupcake baddies. These guys are too high to jump
on and they emit poisonous gas.

Use the jam to hit two floating enemies that are holding stacks of flaming 

In the next train car, grab some jam, avoid the first two bounce pads, and use
the last pad to jump up and throw the jam at the button to your left.

To take down the "boss" here, all you have to do is throw a piece of jam onto
his face and onto his hat. Use the bounce pad to get high enough and take 
him down, then use the pad to get into the lead car and pull the lever. There 
are also 4 PRIZE BUBBLES in here.

|Brainy Cakes|                                                           [W2.2]

At the beginning, move left to grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES around the wrecked train
from the previous level.

Before going too far, climb onto the platforms that Victoria is standing on.
You can get on top of the green blocks in the back layer. Go left to grab 
2 PRIZE BUBBLES behind the gate. One is near the floor, and the other is up
higher. There's a hidden bounce pad next to the first prize that'll propel you
up there. After you collect them, get back onto the green back layer and 
go right, past the cake dispenser. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES that you can pick
up here.

Grab a cake and hit the bounce pad to get on the railing. Make sure you hold 
onto the cake as you descend. You can also use the cakes to hit prize bubbles
that are out of reach.

Use the next bounce pad and grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES to your left. Slide down 
the next railing.

Use the cakes to hit 2 PRIZE BUBBLES floating above you, then use them to 
take down the enemy when he shows you his brain. There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES 
to grab here, one on the bottom floor and two up above. After this, hop on top
of the three enemies to kill them and use the rail. You'll collect 2 PRIZE 
BUBBLES here. There are three more enemies just after you get off the rail.

Grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE and get onto the next railing. Jump as the platforms move
you up to get over the posts and also to grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES hanging above 

There are three enemies to take down here, one on each level. At the top, 
you'll find 3 PRIZE BUBBLES and a cooperative area for 2 players to your left.
It yields 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES to the right of the next cake dispenser.

After the first wheel, you'll find 1 PRIZE BUBBLE and an enemy next to the 
cake dispenser.

At the next wheel, hop onto a spot that's black. Poisonous jam spills out onto
the pink spots.

You'll find an enemy between the next two cake dispenser and 1 PRIZE BUBBLE 
by the second dispenser.

When you get onto the straight railing, watch out for the spiked platforms 
that come up. There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES to get here. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE 
at the next cake dispenser.

Before you use a cake on the winding railing, simply jump over to a platform 
on the right that holds 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. When you do get on the railing, let 
go above the bounce pads or you'll fall into oblivion.

At the top, use the cakes to grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES, then hop onto the spoons 
while holding a cake. They'll pop you up to the next level. There is 1 PRIZE
BUBBLE on the first set of spoons, 2 PRIZE BUBBLES by the cake dispenser to the
far right, and 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on the second set of spoons.

At the straight rail, watch out for the platforms of poisnous jam. On the 
sloped sections, you'll find 3 PRIZE BUBBLES, one at the top of each slope.

Use a cake to destroy the large enemy and bounce up to the next level. There
are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES up here.

After you meet back up with Victoria and Da Vinci, nab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES above
the bounce pads. There is also 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on top of the next platform and 
1 PRIZE BUBBLE as you fall into the baking area.

In the oven, trays of cookies and poisonous jam will retract one layer at a 
time. Watch out for the jam as you fall down. After several layers retract, 
keep an eye out for a key on a tray to your right. It unlocks the Rodent 
Derby stage.

|The Cakeinator|                                                         [W2.3]

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES behind the glass bottles below Da Vinci.

Move forward and pick up the cakeinator. It's simply a creatinator that 
fires cakes. The cakes will kill enemies, but they are far more useful than 
that. They are heavy and sticky, so you can stick them to objects to pull 
them down. To kill the first enemy, shoot a cake at the platform. It'll be 
pulled down. Then shoot the enemy with a cake, then shoot a cake at the 
next platform to knock it down.

Knock the next platform down and then use a cake as a platform to get up 
to the next level.

If you look in the background you'll notice one of the drawers is shaking. 
These shaking drawers will pull out when you get next to them. To stop it from
moving, fire a cake onto one of the walls in front of it. Now drop down and 
collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

Use a cake to cross the fire and to kill the enemy. Get onto the platform to 
your left and shoot a cake in front of the drawer so it doesn't come out and 
push you off. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES up here. Also, before you move on, 
go back to where you killed the enemy. Move to the back layer and shoot a cake
up and to the right. There's a platform that you can pull down up here, 
although it's hard to see. It drops 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

When you have to fire a cake at the circular platform, wait until bounce pads
appear before you jump on.

After the next checkpoint you'll drop down. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE behind a 
chocolate cookie/wafer thing on this small platform. Now fire a cake onto the
moving belt and ride it down.

Cross the fire and kill the enemy on the top platform. While up there, look
on the left wall. There is a platform you can pull down to reveal bounce 
pads. Fire another cake onto it after it's down and hop on to grab 3 PRIZE 

Past the enemy and the gap, you'll reach more bounce pads. There is 1 PRIZE 
BUBBLE in the tea cup to the right.

On the next floor, watch out for the drawer. It'll push you off into the 
gap you just crossed below. Also, watch out for the enemy just ahead. Don't 
shoot him until you're beyond the drawer, because your cake will disappear 
and it'll push you off.

After you use the bounce pads, look left for a cooperative area that requires 
2 players.

To grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES above you, get up to the enemy and kill it. The drawer
only comes out when you are on this platform. Hit it with a cake to make it 
stay out.

There's a gap in the wall with 1 PRIZE BUBBLE in it. Use a cake to get up 

At the scales, fire a cake onto the left side to raise the right side. Next 
you'll need to fire a cake into the gears to stop them. Keep an eye on the 
rotating platform to know when to fire.

In the chocolate covered area, you'll come to a gap in the floor. Poisonous 
jam comes out of the ceiling. Shoot a cake up there to stop them, then jump 
over to the right for 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

On the conveyor belt, use a cake to reach 3 PRIZE BUBBLES and a key that 
unlocks the Attack of the Mutant Marshmallows stage. Once you're off the 
conveyor belt, use another cake to reach 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

Use cakes to stop the poisonous jam from falling. In the middle, look up and 
you'll see 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. Shoot the platforms below them with cakes to 
bring them down.

At the scale, shoot a cake onto the right side to bring yourself up. Jump at 
the right moment and you'll fly up into 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

|Currant Affairs|                                                        [W2.4]

At the beginning, move into the back layer and head left to grab 3 PRIZE 
BUBBLES below the chick.

Watch out for the platform with the moving electric field. There are 3 PRIZE
BUBBLES above it that you'll really have to jump for.

Use the bounce pad to reach a sponge and swing over to the next platform. 
There's an enemy here that is vulnerable when he's moving away from you.

Past the steps with the electric field moving over them, there are two sets 
of electric arcs that you'll need to watch out for when jumping across.

There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to the right of the bounce pads. Watch out for the 
electric arcs before you use the pad and when you drop back down on the other
side. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES at the top.

After the next bounce pad, you'll reach a checkpoint. There's a hole in the
fence behind it. Go through here and use the bounce pad to collect 4 PRIZE 

On the next platform, watch out for the moving electric fields. Follow one of 
them as closely as possible. Watch out for enemies on certain platforms. The
electric fields will also activate electric arcs. There are 5 PRIZE BUBBLES
to collect before you reach the next checkpoint, which is on safe ground.

The electric fields will activate two elevators. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE at 
the top of the second elevator.

On the next floor there is a cooperative area that requires 2 players. There 
are also 3 PRIZE BUBBLES behind the next checkpoint.

Swing past the two electric arcs and hop into the hole in the fence behind 
the next checkpoint. There are 5 PRIZE BUBBLES back here and a key that unlocks
the Death by Shockolate stage.

There are two of the rolling enemies to defeat, plus another type of rolling
enemy on the top floor. You'll need to use the bounce pads to get on top of 
him and hit the three brains. Also, use the bounce pads to reach 3 PRIZE 
BUBBLES floating high above the enemy.

On the next platform, jump down to grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES beneath you. Stay 
in that layer and move right to get 2 PRIZE BUBBLES partially hidden behind
the bounce pad stairs.

At the set of electric-activated "elevators", you'll find 2 PRIZE BUBBLES 
above you and a little to the left. You can reach them from the second 
elevator-pad thing.

There are more platforms that'll bounce you up, except this time you don't want
that, or you'll be thrown into an electric arc. Make it to the end and then 
bounce up to get to the next floor. There's also 1 PRIZE BUBBLE here.

After moving under the cakes that get lifted up, you'll need to get bounced 
up some "stairs". There are 4 PRIZE BUBBLES to get here, one above each 

The large machine ahead endlessly spawns enemies. Hop across them to get 
over to Da Vinci, then pull the plug.

|Kling Klong|                                                            [W2.5]

Hop into the elevator and ride it up. On the first floor, go left and grab 
a pastry. The boss will bust in through the wall and start sending electric
currents through the floor. Jump over them. When he opens his "mouth", toss the
pastry at the weak spot. Do this three times and then hop back into the 

On the second floor, you'll need to do the same thing, except the boss will 
now shoot out a series of projectiles that are charged with plasma/electricity
and will kill you instantly (of course). Also, he'll open his mouth while the
projectiles are still bouncing around the room, so you'll need to run under 
them and throw a pastry at him. Still, this is fairly easy. Do it three times
and hop into the elevator.

On the final floor, the boss will shoot a horizontal electric arc at the top
of the room, in the middle, and at the bottom. The bottom one will hit you, 
so after he shoots in the middle, use the bounce pad to get onto the left 
platform. After he fires all three shots, he'll open his mouth. Hit him 
three times, just like before, and you'll finally take him down.

|Rodent Derby|                                                           [W2.6]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Brainy Cakes level.

This is a versus stage. You'll ride mice and race against other players 
around a track. You can change tracks by hitting the switch at the beginning
of the level. There are boost pads and points to collect as you make your way
around the track. Push forward to accelerate.

|Attack of the Mutant Marshmallows|                                      [W2.7]

To unlock this stage you need the key from The Cakeinator level.

In this stage you'll be equipped with a creatinator that fires an electric 
beam out. You need to shoot the marshmallows as they appear. If they touch 
you even once, it's game over. They like to bounce around a lot, and the 
bigger ones split into smaller ones when you shoot them. There's really no 
set strategy here. Just try to stop the marshmallows from hitting each other
or they'll go bouncing all over the place.

At the end, there are three vending machines that require 500, 1,500, and 3,000
points to unlock. Each machine contains 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

|Death by Shockolate|                                                    [W2.8]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Currant Affairs level.

This is similar to the Tower of Whoop stage. The whole thing is a race, but 
there are also prize bubbles to be collected.

To get 2 PRIZE BUBBLES at the very beginning, you'll need to swing over to 
the next platform, then swing back with enough momentum to get up to where 
they are.

At the bounce pads, don't forget to grapple the sponge or you'll be sent into
the electric arc.

At the large wheel that you can grapple, wait until the platforms below you 
are extended, then drop down and head left. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES down 

Use the large wheel to sling yourself onto a high platform with 3 PRIZE 

Use the next wheel to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE floating in mid-air.

Watch out for the vertical and horizontal electric arcs. Once you're past 
those, use the bounce pad to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

When you encounter the enemies, note that they'll activate the electric arcs
whenever they're below a node. Wait until they reach a gap. Also, there's 1 
PRIZE BUBBLE to grab here.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES just to the left of the first large wheel. You'll 
need to let it sling you up to them.

After the horizontal electric arcs, you'll need to grapple a sponge that 
automatically moves right. Watch out for obstacles as it moves along. Next, 
grapple a sponge that moves down. When you reach the monkeys, grapple their 
sponges and they'll sling you up.

At the first large wheel, let it sling you up to collect 2 PRIZE BUBBLES 
hanging between the two wheels.

You'll next have to swing through a bunch of electric arcs, including platforms
that come together to make arcs. After that, drop down and take out more 
arc-inducing enemies. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to collect down here.

When you reach the wheel with bounce pads on it, time it so that you can run 
under it and grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in the corner. Get on top of it and use 
the bounce pads to gather momentum so you can swing up.

After the monkeys sling you up again, there's more sponges that move left 
when you grab them. When you reach the wheels, you'll be able to grab 2 PRIZE

When you reach the end of the race, there will be three vending machines. The
required points are 15,000, 25,000, and 50,000. Each machine has 3 PRIZE