LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Guide

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||  Walkthrough  ||
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Da Vinci's Hideout                                                       [WAL1]

|Rookie Test|                                                            [W1.1]

This entire level functions as a tutorial.

You'll be forced to jump over a book. After this, you may notice a painting 
with an odd looking symbol on it. This indicates that the blank space is a 
sticker switch. If you have the appropriate sticker, you can place it on the 
space to activate something. For this one, you'll need the Da Vinci's Specs 
sticker, which is found in the next level. It allows you to bypass a section
of this level that forces you to kill yourself. You'll need to use it if you 
want to ace the level.

The next room is an elevator type area that teaches you about moving between
layers, score bubbles, and prize bubbles. There are 8 PRIZE BUBBLES all next 
to each other that are impossible to miss. At the top, if you didn't use the 
sticker switch, you'll need to move across the bridge. It will drop and you 
will then need to kill yourself to get out of the pit.

At the next tutorial television you'll find 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. They both contain
stickers that you'll need to use on the self-portrait if you want to continue.

As soon as you drop down, move to the left and grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES underneath
the floor you were just on. They are very hard to miss.

Further on bounce pads will appear. Use them to grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES hanging 
in mid-air. Once you've done that, more bounce pads will come out of the floor
and walls. Use these to acquire 3 PRIZE BUBBLES floating even further up in the

The bookcase has a total of 6 PRIZE BUBBLES in it, along with 2 PRIZE BUBBLES
hanging off of a plank just to the right of it. To grab the 2 bubbles, simply
jump while holding down to make the sackboy jump into the middle layer. You'll
automatically collect the bubbles as you fall.

The next tutorial television covers the Playstation Eye and how you can use it
to make your own stickers. There are 8 PRIZE BUBBLES to get here, and 5 PRIZE
BUBBLES to grab as you go up the climb to the next bookcase.

At the bookcase you will notice an alcove. A bounce pad appears when you get
close, allowing you to grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. There is also 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on 
the right side of the bookcase, just before the scoreboard.

|Grab and Swing|                                                         [W1.2]

Another tutorial level that covers grabbing and swinging, in case you couldn't

You will come to an area where you have to drag a small block to the right
to continue. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to get here. The next "pit" is similar,
except you need to drag two blocks, including one with wheels. There is 1
PRIZE BUBBLE here as well. The next pit has a tower of blocks that you will 
need to pull down. 1 PRIZE BUBBLE is at the top of the tower. The final pit
has you pulling a small sofa over to the right. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES to 
get here, one before you drop down and another in the middle.

Da Vinci will hop onto a larger sofa. You need to drag this to the edge of the
ramp and ride it down with him. Before the sofa starts to fall, hop on and jump
up onto the left side, on the arm. As you fall, you will hit score bubbles and

After you ride the sofa to the bottom of the ramp, head back to the left. 
There's another smaller ramp leading down. Keep going and you'll find a total
of 5 PRIZE BUBBLES. One is in a toilet paper tube that you can walk through,
the others are accessible via bounce pads.

You will need to swing across a gap by grabbing the hanging sponge. If you 
fall, bounce pads will come out of the floor, so don't worry about that. In 
fact, you need to fall to the floor and move to the right to grab 1 PRIZE 

The next gap is similar, except larger. As you swing across, you will also 
acquire the key to unlock the Hedge Hopping stage. Again, drop down to the 
floor and move right to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

After you grab the last prize bubble in the second gap that you need to swing
across, stay in the back layer and continue moving right. There is not a wall
here, and you can move into a hidden area beneath the floor. Follow the score
bubbles to 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. To get out, continue left. There's a one way trap
door in the back layer. You can use the bounce pads to propel you through it.

After the short cutscene where Da Vinci shows you the level link, go down the
books, move into the back layer, and go left, through a toilet paper tube. 
There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE behind the books you just descended. Now move forward
and go through the level link.

Level links automatically send you to another level. In the story, the second
part of the level, or the one that you get sent to when you enter a level link,
is never available to play from the world map. The two parts are considered
the same level. Keep this in mind when trying to ace it or get 100% of the 

You exit the level link in a toilet. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE on the toilet 
paper to your left. Ignore the switch on the right side of the toilet for now.

In the next room, Da Vinci will give you the grappling hook. Use it to grapple
onto the sponge above you and grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in mid-air. You can swing 
around and reel yourself in and out if you've grappled onto something. Also, 
head back to the toilet and use the grappling hook on the switch. You can then 
pull it down, which yields 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

There's another gap you need to swing across, this time using the grappling 
hook. You'll find 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in mid-air. There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES on the
floor below you if you drop down.

The next gap is longer. There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES to grab in mid-air as you 
swing across, and 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on the ground floor.

After the checkpoint, grapple onto the sponge and reel yourself in. Grab 1 
PRIZE BUBBLE to your left. Grapple the next sponge and trap doors will open 
beneath you. Reel yourself out to get down. At the bottom, stay in the back 
layer and move left. There's no wall here, and you can grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE that
is hidden.

After you drop down, move left and grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES that are hard to miss.
You will now have to start a race.

You will need to swing across the first gap to avoid the electric floor. There
are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES here, two near the floor and one higher up between the 

Next, grapple the sponges and reel yourself in, then drop onto the bounce 
pads. At the top, move left and you'll see a sponge along with two sets of 
bounce pads. You need to grapple the sponge and hit the pads on the wall to 
sling yourself around. Before you do that, however, you'll need to sling 
yourself straight up to collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES on a beam almost directly 
above you.

Grapple onto the spinning wheel. As you near the top, let go. You'll want to 
go practically straight up to collect 1 PRIZE BUBBLE resting high above the 
wheel. After you've got it, grapple the wheel again and let it sling you onto
the upper platform. Here, you'll reach the end of the race, along with 3 PRIZE

|Gripple Grapple|                                                        [W1.3]

At the very beginning you'll notice a sticker switch. You need the Da Vinci 
Crest sticker, which you'll acquire later in the level. Once you activate the
switch, you will have to start a race. The point of this is to chase down 3 
PRIZE BUBBLES that fly away from you at a brisk pace. Really brisk. You'll 
really need to cut corners if you want to grab all three. Try to jump the first
gap without using the sponge at all. When you get to the next floor, jump out 
as far as you can into the long gap before you use your grappling hook. The 
point here is to try and grapple the middle sponge, not the first one. This'll
save time and give you momentum. If you haven't grabbed the prize bubbles by
the time you encounter Da Vinci, it's too late.

If you don't have the sticker, simply move forward. Grapple across the first 
gap and grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE while you're doing it. Use bounce pads and sponges
to get up to the next floor.

Up here, use the sponge to grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. There are also 2 PRIZE BUBBLES
that you can simply jump to just before the gap.

The long gap has three sponges and 3 PRIZE BUBBLES, one below each sponge. 
Use the last sponge to swing onto a platform containing 2 PRIZE BUBBLES, then
bounce up to the next floor, where you'll find Da Vinci and 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

The next gap has 7 PRIZE BUBBLES. Two are on the pieces rocking back and forth,
near the floor. The other five are above the sponges, and they are a pain to 
get, especially if this is your first time. The trick is to know when to 
grapple onto the sponges. You will gain a lot more momentum if you grapple and
swing in the opposite direction that the sponge is moving. So if you're on the
platform with Da Vinci, grapple the first sponge as it starts coming towards 
you. Swing to the right as it continues left and let go to sail into the air.
Try to move back to the left a bit so you can grapple onto the first sponge 
again as it comes back. When you do, swing to the left as the sponge moves 
right to gain even more momentum. Keep doing this until you can reach the 
highest prize bubbles. It'll take a few tries at least to get this one down, 
but once you've done it, you'll definitely be familiar with how to use the 
grappling hook.

On the other side of the gap, jump over the first set of bounce pads to collect
3 PRIZE BUBBLES. Bounce up to the next floor, then grapple onto a sponge that 
you can't see and reel yourself in to collect a key, which unlocks the Tower of
Whoop stage.

At the gap with the two sponges rotating clockwise, ride one of them down and
grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES near the floor.

There are three wheels partially embedded in the walls here. There are a total
of 6 PRIZE BUBBLES and six sponges here, two on each wheel. At the top, grapple
the sponge and it'll move to the left, towards 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

When you use the bounce pads, make sure to grapple onto the sponge or you'll
go sailing into the electric ceiling. Grapple onto the next sponge and use the 
vertical bounce pads to get up to the next floor and 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

The next bounce pads allow you to grapple onto sponges that you can move. Use
them to get across the gap. You will now have to swing across a gap as a piece
of electrified material moves around in a circular motion. Simple. On the 
other side, grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES in front of a window.

When you use the next bounce pads, grapple onto the sponge on your way up so 
you don't hit the electric ceiling. When you reach the moving platforms, you 
should spot 1 PRIZE BUBBLE that's hanging rather obviously from the ceiling.

There are 3 PRIZE BUBBLES to collect as you grapple up the wheels. Watch out 
for the claw-type thing in the lower-right.

You'll find 3 PRIZE BUBBLES above the L-shaped rocker with two sponges. This
can be a bit tricky. Just let the rocker sling you up and try to let go at the
right moment.

There's another gap with a spinning wheel, except this time there are two 
electrified pieces whirling around. On the other side, move into the back 
layer to collect 3 PRIZE BUBBLES, including one hidden just behind the 
checkpoint. Use the sponges to get up to the level link.

To get across this gap, use the three sponges that move up and down. There 
are also 3 PRIZE BUBBLES here, all next to the floor. On the next platform, 
you'll encounter a cooperative area that requires 2 players, and which yields

Use the bounce pads and sponge to get up to the next floor. There is 1 PRIZE 
BUBBLE above the electric gap. Use the next two sponges to get down without
hitting the electric floors.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES just before the next gap. Here, you'll have to swing
across and avoid two sets of platforms that come together. If you get caught,
they'll crush you.

When you get to the three sponges, grapple onto them to make the platforms 
above them unfold. Don't forget to nab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES here, one below the 
platforms and one in the middle of the wheel at the end that you'll need to 
use to get on top of the platforms.

There are two moving platforms after the bounce pads that you'll need to 
navigate. At the top, use the sponge to get to the next platform, and also to 
get 3 PRIZE BUBBLES. Just above the next checkpoint you'll find a switch. 
Grapple it to reveal the scoreboard.

|Bravery Test|                                                           [W1.4]

Although you can see the scoreboard, you can't get to it. What you can do is
move left. If you look above you at the beginning you should see a sticker 
switch. You'll need the Wooden Gear 1 sticker found later in this level. It 
changes things pretty drastically. First, you'll be required to start a race 
that spans most of the level. You'll also get the grappling hook right off 
the bat, all bounce pads will be activated, and none of the automatic floors 
that pop out when you get near them will work. Most importantly, you'll have 
access to 7 PRIZE BUBBLES that you can't get by going through the level 
normally. You'll find 2 of them on your way up near the beginning. They are 
hanging just over the first electric gap you must cross. When you get to the 
part where you have to jump into the buttons to un-electrify the floor for a 
short time, you can grab 3 more bubbles. Use the sponges to swing into them.
Finally, after you shoot out of the cannon, grapple onto the first glowing 
green star as you're sailing through the air. There are 2 bubbles on either 
side of it. Swing to the next star, then swing down to the ground. The rest of
the level is relatively the same.

If you don't have the sticker, just move left. The weird, reddish part of the 
wall will come out when you get near it, functioning as a floor. Use those 
floors and bounce pads to get up to the next floor, along with 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

Before you step on the red switch, grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE in the cobwebs to the 
right. Now step on the switch to lower a sponge. At the top, go left and pull
the switch to lower another sponge.

At the Metalmatica machine, grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES on the ground floor, then 
pull the switches on both sides. This activates bounce pads to your right that
you can use to get up. Before you move up though, go right and drop down. There
is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE down there that was just out of reach before, but now it's 
above a bounce pad.

Watch out for the platforms that rotate in and out. Hit the next red button 
on the wall to make bounce pads appear. Grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES as you make your 
way up.

At the top, use the moving platforms to get over to 1 PRIZE BUBBLE. Now, drop
into the gap between the platforms. Don't worry, the red floor will shoot out 
below you, so you won't hit the electric floor.

On the next floor you'll need to jump into a button to make the floor safe 
for a very short time. The floor after that has two buttons that you'll need
to hit, along with 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. The final floor has only one button, and
the timer will countdown before you've made it across. This floor doesn't 
electrify all at once, however, so continue up to the cannon.

Before you hop into the cannon, jump up behind it to grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES that
are hidden. Now hop in and it'll shoot you through a wall. Once you land, Da 
Vinci automatically rewards you with a key that opens that Block Drop stage.
Go far right in this area to grab 3 PRIZE BUBBLES behind a book.

Drop into the hole and bounce over to the grappling hook. Use the sponge to 
swing over to 1 PRIZE BUBBLE at the top of a string of score bubbles. There's 
also 1 PRIZE BUBBLE at the bottom of the string, just above some bounce pads.

After the next two bounce pads you'll fall out of this area. As you fall down, 
stay in the center to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE.

At the bottom, go left to access a cooperative area that requires 2 players. 
It yields 5 PRIZE BUBBLES.

Use the sponges to get to the next checkpoint. Here you'll need to hold down 
and jump to jump forward, which allows you to drop. There's an electric floor
below you, however, so immediately grapple the sponge. Lower yourself into 3

Jump down again, this time grappling a sponge to your right. There is 1 
PRIZE BUBBLE above the first electric floor, and 1 PRIZE BUBBLE above the 
next longer piece of electric flooring.

Grapple the sponge and pull it left to make it roll. Grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE 
hanging rather obviously in your way. As you start to descend to the right, 
pull yourself back up and to the left. There is a platform below you, on the 
left wall, that you can drop down onto. It holds 1 PRIZE BUBBLE. You can grab 
it and then grapple the sponge as it rolls downward.

While still holding onto the rolling sponge, use it to grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES 
hanging just below the final platform.

|Final Test|                                                             [W1.5]

Bounce up to face Da Vinci's final boss. There are no prize bubbles to collect

You will need to turn all red lights green, via switches and buttons, while
Da Vinci's...yo-yo monkey tries to stop you. Don't forget that you can duck 
into the alcoves provided by the checkpoint and certain buttons if you want 
safety. Also keep in mind that you'll have a limited number of lives.

First you will need to hit two switches on either side while the yo-yos drop
down on you. Once you do that, a button appears that you need to push. The 
yo-yos will now be rolling along the platforms.

After you do that, hit the switches again. This time, however, the yo-yos 
continue rolling along the platforms, albeit more predictably. Press the 
button when it appears, then hit both switches yet again.

You should now have a grappling hook. Use it to hit the switches on both sides
that appear higher up on the wall. Once you've hit them both, grapple onto the
red sponge that comes out of the monkey to end this fight once and for all.

|Hedge Hopping|                                                          [W1.6]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Grab and Swing level.

This is a pretty straightforward, albeit somewhat difficult, challenge. You'll
be deposited onto a floor covered entirely in bounce pads. The screen scrolls
right, and you'll be forced to jump over obstacles and gaps in the floor 
while simultaneously trying to grab as many score bubbles as possible. It gets
harder as you go along, so try to grab every score bubble you can.

When you die, you'll be put in front of three vending machines. Each one 
contains 3 PRIZE BUBBLES, but they'll only be dispensed if you've reached 
the score displayed at the top. The scores for each machine are 2,500, 5,000, 
and 10,000 points. Something to remember for every bonus stage that has these
vending machines: the prize bubbles themselves give you 100 points each. So, 
for example, if your score was 4,700, you would be eligible for the 3 prize 
bubbles from the 2,500 vending machine. Those 3 prize bubbles would put your 
score at 5,000, which would make you eligible for the 5,000 vending machine as

|Tower of Whoop|                                                         [W1.7]

To unlock this stage you need the key from the Gripple Grapple level.

The goal here is to have as many points as possible when you reach the top. 
The entire stage is a race, but the best way to get points will still be the 
bubbles. Specifically, you'll want to try to grab as many prize bubbles as 
possible, since they offer up 100 points a piece. You'll also want to try to 
obtain multipliers whenever possible.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES to grab in the first large room with bounce pads.

There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE to grab after the gap with bounce pads on the sides.

There are 2 PRIZE BUBBLES to grab in the room with the slightly angled bounce 
pads. Try to bounce straight up to get them.

In the next room, grapple the sponges and sling yourself into the vertical 
bounce pads to get up to the next platform. There is 1 PRIZE BUBBLE up here, 
partially hidden on the far right. 

After using the angled bounce pads, you can grab 2 PRIZE BUBBLES. One is to the
right, just below some horizontal bounce pads. You can grapple the first 
sponge and sling yourself into some vertical bounce pads on the left to reach
it. The next prize is just to the left of the second sponge.

Once you reach the top of the next large room, there will be a large wheel 
that you'll need to grapple onto. Sling yourself into the vertical bounce 
pads to grab 1 PRIZE BUBBLE in the top right corner, then sling yourself over
the wheel.

When you reach the slippery glass slopes, slow down. If you hit the vertical
bounce pads, you'll miss 2 PRIZE BUBBLES at the top of the slopes. There is 
also 1 PRIZE BUBBLE next to the bounce pads.

After going up the long vertical tunnel filled with bounce pads, you'll reach
the end of the race and 2 PRIZE BUBBLES.

There are three vending machines here. You'll need to have 30,000, 60,000, and
90,000 points to unlock them. Each machine contains 3 PRIZE BUBBLES.

|Block Drop/Super Block Drop|                                            [W1.8]

To unlock Block Drop you need the key from the Bravery Test level. To 
unlock Super Block Drop, simply play Block Drop once. Both of these are versus

In Block Drop, all you have to do is hit the correct symbol on the block at 
the bottom of the pile. There are only two to choose from, X or O. When you 
hit the correct one, the meters fill up a bit. Once they're full, you'll get 
some points and they'll empty out again. Try to fill them up as many times as 
possible within the time limit to get the most points. If you hit the wrong
symbol, the meters will deplete entirely.

Super Block Drop is the same thing, except triangles and squares are added to
the mix.