F.3.A.R. Game Guide

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                                | Multiplayer |                            [E3]
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{Cooperative Campaign}

You and another person can run through the campaign together. One of you will
take control of Point Man and other will control Fettle. Point Man has access
to most weapons and can use slo-mo. Fettle has one main attack, which is a 
blast that knocks enemies back. He can also melee and pick up things and throw
them. Fettle's main attack though, is possessing people. He can take control of
most enemies and use them to attack others. He takes a lot of damage while 
possessing someone, which makes running through with him a lot of fun.

At the end of the campaign, the scores of both players are tallied up. The 
person with the highest score determines which ending the game will go with, 
Point Man's or Fettle's. There are a few challenges and achievements that you
can only get by playing cooperatively.


In this mode, you start off in a large building. Waves of enemies will come 
towards the building, and you must fight them off. All windows and doors are 
barricaded, but the enemies will tear them open and climb inside. You can 
repair these barricades in the short time between waves. If you go outside of
the building and look around, you should find supply crates. Grab one and 
bring it back to the area marked on the floor and you will get a weapon to use.

Yes, this is almost exactly like the Nazi Zombies mode from Call of Duty: 
World at War/Black Ops. I say almost, because there's one key difference: Alma.
She will walk around the map randomly and giggle. Sometimes she'll just stand
there. But if you look at her, you will be completely blinded for several 
seconds. Always keep an eye out for her, because she likes to just wander in 
front of you sometimes, even when you're in the middle of a firefight.

{Soul King}

In Soul King, you control a Fettle-type character. You can shoot blasts that 
knock enemies back (but don't kill them). Your goal is to kill other enemies
and grab their souls. Person with the most souls at the end wins! The catch is
that you can't kill anybody. At least not until you possess an enemy. At this
point, you can use whatever gun they were using to slaughter everybody else.
You can jump from one body to the next easily. If the body you're in is 
destroyed, you can always run away and find another one. Or better yet, 
possess the guy trying to kill you. Just remember that possessing someone 
doesn't give you their soul. Also, if you aren't in a body and you die, you 
lose a lot of souls.