F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 08 |                            [W8]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move forward and down the steps, then go right, into the office here. There's 
a body inside. Now take the left path. There's a locked gate over there with 
some dual MP-970s behind it. Keep going and you'll come to the room from 
your memories. This place is a dead end, however, so you'll need to backtrack
and go down the other path. On your way, you'll have to deal with boss demon
again. Entering slo-mo and shooting him will make him back off, so do
that everytime he starts to flare up. Sometimes you can just sit there and 
let your slo-mo refill. Do this whenever possible so you aren't caught without
it. Keep moving towards the beams of light. When you move through the next 
door, you'll be in a room with a training ring and some punching bugs. Melee
the punching bags a few times to get the Yo, Adrian! achievement. Now find the
bucket that's glowing red. Walk up to it and destroy it to clear this memory.

You now have to backtrack again and fight off the creep along the way. In the 
next room, look on the left side for a body, then tear up the book and leave.
Fight the creep over to the next room, where you'll find yet another body on 
the left side. There's a toy gun laying on the floor that you need to destroy.
Exit the room, fight off the creep, and enter the room of light at the end of
the hall. You'll now be back in the past, and you'll finally get to take the 
creep down once and for all. Except, he's gotten a little bit bigger. Grab an 
assault rifle and wait for the creep to open its mouth. You should see a 
glowing light. Shoot it. Shoot the light three times and the creep will drop 
down, and three soldiers will spawn in. Kill them and the creep comes back up.
Rinse and repeat two more times to put the creep down for good. That ends the
game. Now you just have to watch the ending cutscene. The ending can vary 
depending on which character you played as going through the campaign, or 
depending on which character had the higher score if you ran through it on 
co-op. There's also a post-credits cutscene. You can skip the credits and still
watch it.