F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 07 |                            [W7]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You'll have to fight off two of those demon dog things right off the bat. 
Check the ammo container next to you for an SMG. There's another container 
up a bit that has an assault rifle. As you move along the tarmac, you'll have 
to deal with more demons. Go up the stairs by the plane that keeps getting 
hit by lightning. Demons come through a portal in the wall ahead, and the doors
close behind you, so be ready. When you get to the large waiting area, go to
the far right and look behind the sliding doors for a body to use psychic 
link on. Keep going and follow the blood trail down the corridor and then to
the left to another body. In the next room you'll find soldiers fighting 
demons, so let them thin each other out, then mop up the rest. The next room
has a few more enemies.

When you get to the room with stairs, look for a body on the first floor, 
then move up. On the upper floor here, you'll have to deal with enemies coming
from straight ahead and some coming from the left that you can shoot you 
through the gate. Move along the upper walkway here and take everyone else
out, then move through the fast food joint. In the next large room you'll face
a load of soldiers and a couple of demons. Drop down to the bottom floor and a
few more enemies crop up. When you finally exit this area, look to the left in
the next corridor and jump over the boxes to find a body.

You'll eventually find your way into the food court. Go downstairs here and 
cut through the elevator, then go back upstairs. Up top, go back towards the
barricade of boxes and you'll find a body. You can also crouch under the 
store gate here to find a grenade and a pistol. Also, if you turn right just
after coming up the stairs, you'll be facing a door that you can go through 
with a grenade, a body, and dual MP-970's inside. Keep going through the 
next fast food place and you'll come to a room with conveyor belts. There's a 
store on the left you can go into with a body that you can use psychic link 

Don't even worry about the demons when you see them. They just kind of run off
somewhere. In the next room, however, you will have to deal with some soldiers.
Make your way up the stairs and then continue along the second floor. You'll 
come to a room with enemies in it. If you go through the opening that you're 
already facing you'll wind up in the kitchen, where you'll find a body. Kill 
everyone and a base commander in a blue suit pops up. Hit him as much as 
possible before he enters a portal and always be on the lookout for his exit
point. Take him out and a couple of soldiers come through the exit. Don't 
forget to pick up the base commander's Penetrator, if you want it.

Keep going and hop over the bent fencing thing. The floor below is crawling 
with soldier, so take them all out, then get down there. There's a staircase 
leading from the first to second floors. Beneath that staircase you'll find a
sniper rifle. It might be useful, since the next area has soldiers and snipers.
Take everyone out on the first floor and go upstairs. A helicopter will start
shooting at you from the skylight. Grab the rocket launcher in the ammo 
container by you and let loose. Make sure you lock on first. There's more 
rocket ammo at the other end of the floor here. Just don't stay out of cover
for too long. Once it's down, head through the torn open store gate and go 
downstairs. At the very bottom, underneath the stairs, you'll find a body.

When you reach the next set of stairs, go up if you need an assault rifle or 
pistol. Go down to continue on. Use psychic link on the body on the cart right
in front of you, and then prepare for another blue guy who spawns enemies all
over the place. This guy is a real pain. He sticks to the upper walkways, 
moves around all the time, but still manages to constantly be behind cover.
Your best bet is to grab the shotgun on the crates near you, head upstairs, 
and take the fight to him, because if you don't, you'll be using way too much
ammo on all those soldiers. Once they're all dead, find the control room on 
the second floor and pull the switch inside, then hop back onto the main 
conveyor belt and ride it out of the room.

In the next area you'll fight demons. At the end of the area, use psychic link
on the body, then double back to the control room. Pull the switch to raise the
gate on the conveyor belt, allowing to go through it. Keep going, through the
next room, until you reach the sliding doors at the end. There's a body in 
front of them. Go through the conveyor belt area and you'll reach some 
escalators. Go behind them on the first floor to find another body to psychic
link with, then go upstairs. You'll have to deal with the main demon thing,
called the creep, that's been messing with you for a while now. He can kill 
you this time around, so when you know he's going to attack, enter slo-mo and
lay into him with some bullets. If you do it quickly enough, you can get him 
to back off.

In the next area, deal with the soldiers, then turn around. More soldiers will
come from behind, including some with riot gear. After they're dead, you'll 
have to take on two of the blue-suited base commanders at the same time. This
isn't easy. You CANNOT hide anywhere. You can simply run behind cover long 
enough for your health to regenerate. Try to focus on one at a time. They look
identical, but if you can get one of them down a bit, he won't be blue anymore.
You'll need to use every weapon and grenade around here to finish them both off
before they finish you off. Never get trapped in a corner or a room. The only
thing worse than them shooting at you is them hitting you. When they're dead, 
move through the door on the wall.

When you drop down, pick up the shotgun. You will need it. Go to the garage 
door and press the button. You will now have to fight off hordes of demons
at the garage door opens. You will need to use slo-mo frequently here, but not
too frequently. You don't want to be caught without it. When the door has 
raised all the way, go and hit the button on the other side to close it again.
By this point the demons should be thinning out a bit. When it's closed, the 
next door opens. Keep going and you'll wind up out on the tarmac. Clear this 
first area and hop inside a mech. In the next area, you'll have to face a 
heavy mech. You need to stick close to a single piece of cover, preferably one
of the fuel trucks. Blow it up first, of course, then run around it in 
circles. He won't be able to catch up to you, and you can shoot him over the 
cover since he's so big. When he's down, the gate opens and two blue-suited
base commanders come out. This time, however, they are no trouble at all. In 
fact, you can just sit there, pummeling them with cannon rounds, and they 
won't even be able to move. Kill them and move towards Becket to end this