F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 06 |                            [W6]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move through the train cars. In one of the cars you'll find a body that you can
psychic link with to your left just after entering it. After exiting this car,
turn left and enter the car here for a couple of grenades. You'll find another
body in the next train car. Eventually you see a soldier get taken at the end
of a train car by something. Grab the pistol that he has dropped. Continue on
until you have to crouch under some rubble. Jump over the rock ahead and you'll
find another body. Move through the train cars again and you'll wind up having
to jump around on top of them as they dangle off the bridge. You'll quickly 
make your way back inside though, and once you're back on the bridge, look for
a body draped over some debris. Keep going until the helicopter crashes. Go 
to the end of the bridge and look for a body, then head upstairs and pick up 
the SMGs on your way. There are several soldiers up top.

Once they're all dead, head down the stairs on the other side of the bridge 
and enter the train car at the bottom. You might find an Alma Doll here. Go '
back up top and make sure you grab as much ammo as you can, then jump across
the gap, landing on the train car on the other side. You'll quickly come 
across a new type of enemy that's quick and relies solely on melee attacks. 
These guys can come out of any nook or cranny, so you must always be watching
out for them. Slo-mo will be a lifesaver here, and the shotgun is a fantastic
weapon for dealing with these foes. After you move through the cars and fight
the demons for a while, you'll drop out of a train car onto the bridge, and 
you should see some stairs up a bit and to your right. You can't use them. 
At this point, however, there are two train cars to your left that are torn 
in half. Both have ammo, but the far car also leads to a body you can use 
psychic link on.

Move through the train cars until you drop back onto the bridge. You should be
facing the water. Turn left and look on the back of the train car you just 
exited for a body. Now you can use the stairs. Up top you'll find a blue guy,
who promptly spawns enemies for you to fight. He has a beam weapon, of course,
but luckily he sticks to the top of the overturned semi. Take out the soldiers,
pump as many bullets into the blue guy as you can, rinse and repeat until 
everybody's dead. Inside the next building, look under the stairs for a body.
Head up top and you'll have to deal with another blue guy in the building 
across the bridge, along with his soldiers. Once they're all dead, enter the 
building and hit the button.

You don't have to get into the heavy mech, but it certainly is fun. You can 
melee, bring up shields, fire two chainguns, and fire rockets. The first 
checkpoint has a few enemies and another heavy mech that nobody bothers to 
use, so just leave it. As you move down the bridge, you'll encounter all kinds
of resistance, from soldiers to lighter mechs to helicopters. If, at any point,
your mech is about to explode, get out and hide behind it. They won't shoot it
if you're not in it, and once you get back in, the health and shields should
be recharged. Keep fighting until you reach the next drawbridge. Head into the
building on the left, kill everybody inside, and pull the switch. Also, 
check outside the building on the right for a body to use psychic link on. 
There's another heavy mech here, if you didn't bring one with you.

Once you cross the drawbridge, take out the gunners on the tanks and 
everybody else here. You'll now have to deal with another heavy mech like the
one you're in. Use your shields to absorb its rockets, and wait until its 
shields are down to shoot your own rockets. Also, pressing the jump button 
makes you stomp, which paralyzes the other mech for a few seconds. Although
the mechs are heavy, their weapons are heavier, so it shouldn't take long to 
put it down. Walk forward to end this Interval.