F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 05 |                            [W5]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

You won't be able to follow Jin, so move down the street in the other 
direction. There's a shotgun next to the ambulance and an assault rifle at 
the end of the street by the APC. Move to the alley and into the building. 
Keep going until you reach a fork. Go right and open the door. It won't open 
all the way, but it is open enough for you to shoot the lock on the door you 
passed in the last hallway. Head inside that room to find a body and some 
ammo. Now go left at the fork. You'll find another body just before exiting 
this room. When you exit the building, you'll find some soldiers out on the 
street. There's also one in the guard tower, along with an ammo container.

Move through the gate and continue to deal with the soldiers. These guys like 
to use shock grenades. Use the terminal when you reach it. After you turn left
once, you'll be facing a wall when some fencing. There's a body over there to
use psychic link on. Climb up the ladder here and get onto the rooftop. Jump 
down onto the wooden balcony and you'll have to deal with some crazies. They 
are forced to climb up to your position though, so taking them out is pretty
easy. After they're gone, a couple of soldiers will probably pop out. Drop 
down and look in the area underneath the balcony you were just on. You might 
find an Alma Doll here.

Use the terminal. In the alley, look by one of the dumpsters for a body. When 
you exit out onto the street with soldiers and crazies, look to your left for
another body. Use the next terminal and be ready for more soldiers. The next
area is filled with explosive barrels and ammo containers though, so it 
shouldn't be a problem. Watch for a sniper at the far end though. Get up to 
where he was once everybody's dead and use the next terminal. Enemies will now
come from behind. First soldiers will come for you, then crazies, including
some suicide bombers. They'll eventually mix together, so let them deal with 
each other for a bit. Once the gate finally opens, use the terminal to move 

You'll need to use vehicles caught in the sinkholes to make your way around 
this next area. There's a body to psychic link with along the main path, you
can't miss it. At the end, when the guard tower falls into the sinkhole, enter
the doors to your right and move through the house. After going through all 
the creepyness, you wind up in a courtyard with another blue guy. If you have
a shotgun, this will go a lot quicker, because he likes to get in your face.
No matter what weapon you have, when he gets close, slo-mo and pummel him with
bullets. He's holding an arc beam, so be careful. Of course, when he dies, 
you can pick it up. If you're having a hard time killing him, you'll find an 
ammo container full of arc beams on the other side of the courtyard. You'll 
need them after he's dead, because a heavy mech drops in. Not only is that 
thing powerful, but it's also surprisingly quick. It will come for you, so 
don't stay still for too long. It can also chew through most cover in here. 
Use zap/frag grenades to deal some decent damage and let loose with the arc 

After you've taken the mech down, move into the house. After jumping over the 
tables, look for a body next to you. Once you're outside again, you'll have to
deal with some more soldiers. When you get close to the end of this area, 
two soldiers come out with riot gear on. Use grenades of practically any kind
to deal with them. Pick up their riot gear, you'll need it in the next room.
Use the terminal and move through the gate. There are multiple soldiers in 
here, along with two automated turrets. Take out the soldiers, then deal with
the turrets. Just shoot them until they blow up. Remember that while you're 
reloading, your shield is down, so stay behind the cover as much as possible.

Move down into the tunnel. Shoot the first lock you come across to find an 
assault rifle. The next locked door has a body behind it. In the area ahead 
you'll be forced to deal with soldiers as you move forward. Also, everything's
slightly muted. Once you enter the building, go past the elevators and straight
into the supply closet for a body to psychic link with. You'll come to a part
where you can go left through the exit door or straight forward. Go straight
to find a body and some ammo, then go through the exit. You'll find more 
soldiers outside, including some in riot gear. If you happen to run out of 
grenades, you can always shoot their feet or the hand holding the gun. Move 
downstairs and then through the medical tents. When you reach the end, head 
over the bent fence and through the container with all the bodies in it.

You'll now be trapped in the container yard with the base commander, who is 
wearing a blue suit. He won't spawn enemies in, but he does use the suit to 
portal over to practically anywhere he wants, which means you need to be 
moving at all times. Keep an eye out for containers with locks on them. They 
sometimes contain ammo, which you will need, because this guy eats a lot of
bullets. One of the containers on the left side also has an S-HV Penetrator.
Once he's finally down, a few soldiers come into the area. Use this time to 
stock up on ammo and note some ammo container locations, because another blue 
guy will pop up after you've taken out some of the soldiers. Take him down to 
end the Interval.