F.3.A.R. Game Guide

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                                |             |
                                | Interval 04 |                            [W4]
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                                | =========== |

Try to take out the two soldiers here immediately so that you can pick up 
their SMGs. Use slo-mo if you have to. Take the third one out at the end of the
road and continue on. There are four more in the area around the corner. After
they're all dead, move into the open garage with the ammo containers. Enter 
the extremely creepy house and get up to the second floor. Move through the 
kitchen and go upstairs. You'll come to an ammo container with an assault 
rifle in it. Grab it and drop down onto the busted mech. Look around here for 
a body to psychic link with. Drop out of the house and deal with the soldiers
in the area. Keep moving, dealing with enemies, until you have to walk over a 
partially collapsed fence to get through a hole in the next house. Before you 
walk over the fence, look to the right of it for a body to use psychic link on.

Move through the house and keep going through backyards, taking out soldiers 
as you go. Once you reach the area with the gazebo, you may notice a couple of 
ammo containers with plenty of assault rifle ammo. There's also ammo and 
shock grenades in the little shed. There's also no exit. You know what this 
means...another episode of you being stuck in an uncomfortably cramped space
with something that's bigger than you. That something would be a mech. Don't 
think you can hide under the gazebo either, because it'll just bomb the hell
out of it. Also, soldiers like to trickle in from everywhere while you fight
the mech. Still, they aren't as bad as the mech, so you'll really have no 
choice but to simply run around the outside of the gazebo, using the low walls
as cover. If you find yourself getting shot, a soldier has probably gotten 
behind you, so take them out quickly. Slo-mo is best saved for these occasions.
Just use a shock grenade against the mech, then hit it with bullets and frags.
Rinse and repeat.

The exit gate will open. Take out whatever happens to come through it and 
enter the next house. You'll find a body laying on the floor on the right side.
There's another body in the next room that you can use psychic link on. It's 
at the far end by the pool table. Go upstairs and around to the television. 
There's a body laying on the floor in front of it. Head upstairs again and 
turn right. Take the right hand door here and follow it into a room with a body
that you can psychic link. I also found the Alma Doll in here. Now go through
the other door. After the...thing pops out at you and then disappears, you'll
have to deal with crazies as you move through the house. Before heading back 
downstairs, you can go left to find a bathroom with an enemy in it and a 
shotgun. Go right and you'll enter a room with a few enemies and a television
laying on the floor. There's also a body in here to use psychic link on.

Now head downstairs and move through the kitchen into the next area. The next 
kitchen has two suicide bombers in it, and a couple more crazies will also 
pop out. Now head upstairs and turn right. Go through the right hand door 
here. Move through this room into the next one, then immediately look right 
for a body. Drop down when you reach a dead end and move through the kitchen.
Immediately throw a grenade into the group of crazies staring at the TV, or 
they'll all come for you. Head into the basement and you'll be stuck in this
small room while a horde of crazies come through the holes in the walls. Just 
keep moving and you should be find. Also utilize grenades. Throwing one at an 
enemy that's a safe distance away is a great way to take a chunk of them out.

After you've dealt with them and after the slight intermission, you'll be in a 
playground of sorts. Soldiers will come for you. There's even a sniper on one
of the balconies, so watch out. Turn and look at where the soldiers are coming
from. If you go to the middle of the far right side you'll find a body. If 
you go to the left corner ahead of you, you'll find another body. Take them 
all down and then soldiers will come from behind. Move forward and into the 
house on the right, the one that had the sniper. Another sniper pops in the 
house across the yard. Inside the house, look around on the first floor for 
another body to psychic link. On the second floor you'll find another body and
some sniper rifles. If you opt to use a sniper, be sure to watch your back.

After they're all gone and you hear the loud scream, exit the house and climb
onto the crates to your right and over the bent fence. There's an empty mech
over here, so hop in it. You can melee while in this thing, and pressing the
jump button also melees. Your health is displayed in the left meter, whereas
your cannon's temperature is displayed in the right meter. Shoot the doors of
the house to blow them open. You'll need to move through this house, killing
the soldiers and blowing holes through the walls. At the end you'll come 
across another mech, but he's pretty easy to take down. Move onto the trail, 
taking out soldiers as you go. There's a hallucination, then more soldiers to 
kill, before you finally reach the relay station. Shoot the barrels near the
fence to blow it down, then get out of the mech and hop over to the other side.

There are more enemies over here. Take them down and move through the maze
of electricity. As you reach the end, a few enemies will come out of the 
building. Inside the building you'll face more soldiers. Clear them out and 
open the garage door at the end. You'll now be stuck in this next area with 
another one of those blue guys that can spawn in enemies. This time however, 
he can't directly attack you. He can't even move. The only way you can damage
him is to wait for him to send out pulses to the horizontal cylinders. When 
they turn blue, shoot them. Of course, everytime he does this, he also 
spawns in a ton of soldiers, so you're going to have to constantly fight them
off. After he sends out three pairs of charges and you blow all of the 
accompanying cylinders, he finally blows up. Head down the stairs to finish
this Interval.