F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
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                                | Interval 03 |                            [W3]
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                                | =========== |

Turn around and move through the broken automatic doors. You'll find a body 
in this area. Now move on. You'll find yourself moving onto the shelves, and 
then you'll drop down. Move forward to the Break Room doors, but turn left 
instead and open the garage door here. You'll find a body behind it. Enter the
Break Room doors. Enter the men's restroom and use psychic link on the body 
here. There's an enemy next to the huge hole in the wall. Keep going and you'll
come across a body when you exit back into the main store area. Climb on the 
shelves until you reach the electronics department. You'll have to move 
through a maze of televisions. There's another body in front of one of them 
that you can psychic link. When you reach the end of the maze, you'll find an 
SMG. You'll also be trapped in the small area with some enemies. These guys 
are quick, but they act more like rabid zombies than actual people, and will 
just constantly try to swipe at you. Take them down and two more will burst 
through the exit door, except they have melee weapons. Slo-mo works 
wonderfully in these situations.

Keep going until you see the lower half of a half-eaten soldier. At this point
you can go through the door, or you can shoot the fire extinguisher next to 
the garage door. It'll blow a hole in that door and you can move through to an
ammo container with dual MP-970s. Otherwise, the two paths leads to the same 
place: the refrigeration area. Some of the bodies on the floor in here aren't
dead, and they'll get up to attack you as you walk by them. As you move 
through this area, keep an eye out to your left for a small room with SMG 
ammo inside. You'll soon walk by a shelf, and something will tip the shelf 
over. Slo-mo will automatically be activated, so just keep moving to the other
side and you'll miss it.

Unfortunately, this stirs up quite a lot of those zombie characters. You 
should see one by the left wall of refrigerators. He's eating on a corpse that
you can use psychic link on. Keep following that left wall and then turn left 
at the end. You can use the door here to get inside this refrigerated section.
You'll then be able to funnel the enemies through the door. It acts as a 
chokepoint. Since they can only use melee attacks, this is also a good place
to try and get your Invincible/Godlike challenges for getting so many kills in
a row without taking any damage. You now have to move from the refrigeration 
area on this side to the one on the opposite side. There will be more enemies
to deal with as you continue through this area, but you can generally put your
back to the wall and take them down. After passing through the first 
refrigerated area here, look for a body that you can use psychic link on in 
the second refrigerated area.

After passing the last part with dead bodies, open the garage door and pick up
the flashbang on the shelf at the end. Head back and enter the other door. 
The first offices here have ammo but not much else. After you turn the corner,
check the first office on your right for a body. After exiting the area with
the offices, look to the left for another body, then open the garage door.
There's yet another body to use psychic link on laying on the ground up ahead.

Be careful when traversing this next area. The crazies/zombies have started
strapping bombs to their chests. Make sure you take them down before they 
reach you. Go up the aisle and then back down the other aisle. There's a 
ladder next to the wooden gate that you can use to get on top of the shelves.
A few enemies come for you when you first get to the top. More will continue to
show up as you make your way across the shelves. They like to swing along the 
rafters, so keep an eye at the ceiling and keep an ear out for the beeping of
the bombs. Drop down when it's clear and then drop into the next area. You'll
be trapped in here for a bit as crazies of all kinds drop in around you. Hold
them off and eventually two suicide bombers will show up at the gate to the 
left of the aisle you dropped in from. Shoot them to blow open the gate.

After some weirdness, you'll move through plastic curtains. There will be a 
body on the cart in plain sight that you can psychic link. You'll eventually
come out into the deli area of the main store. At this point, a lot of 
crazies will come after you, including a new type that can throw knives with
amazing accuracy. Take him out whenever you get a chance. If you can make it,
go around to the outside of the deli and find the ladder. You can get on top of
it, where you'll find a couple of weapons. It's not a bad place to hold off the
horde, either, though the meat cutting area is definitely more ideal. Still, 
if you're running low on ammo, you might not have any other choice.

Move onto the shelves where you'll deal with more knife-throwers. At the top, 
suicide bombers also try to climb up to you. Keep moving around and you'll 
deal with a couple more knife-throwers before you finally drop into an 
arena-like area with a mound in the middle of it. Approach the mound and 
prepare to hold off several waves of crazies. There are plenty of suicide 
bombers sprinkled in here, but don't forget about the other types as well. 
Knife-throwers come in near the end. After they're all gone, soldiers will 
breach the exit doors. One well-timed grenade can take them all out at once.
Move through the door and you'll find soldiers fighting off crazies. Go 
through the door to your left while they duke it out to find a body. Mop up 
the remnants of the battle, probably a few crazies, and head out of the 
garage door to end this Interval.