F.3.A.R. Game Guide

                                | =========== |
                                |             |
                                | Interval 02 |                            [W2]
                                |             |
                                | =========== |

Move down the tunnel and turn right. After dropping down, look to your right 
for a body to psychic link with. Keep moving down the tunnel until you can 
enter a door on the right side. Shortly after moving through the open door 
you'll come across a dead body that you can use psychic link on. There's also
a pistol here. You'll soon move across a long walkway. At the end, turn left 
and move past the red toolbox to find another body you can psychic link. 
After the short cutscene in the next room, pick up an SMG and continue on. 
After going up the steps, psychic link the body. You'll soon exit back out into
the main tunnel. Vault over the railing.

You'll briefly exit the tunnels, but then you drop back in. Keep going and 
you'll come to a ladder that exits the tunnel. There's a body you can psychic 
link. After getting back above ground, look in the building behind you for 
another psychic linkable body. You'll need to move along the streets here, 
fighting enemies as you go along. After moving through the house, you'll face 
a bunch of enemies. After taking them out you move off of the street and up 
some stairs. Just before you go up the stairs, look to the left for a body 
to psychic link.

At the top of the stairs you'll find a load of enemy troops waiting for you.
They might come from the house on the left, too, so watch your flank. There's 
a sniper rifle in that house, if you want it. Once you clear the area, enter
the door under the "Mini Mercado Leoncio" sign. It's to the right of the 
stairs to leave this area. Go up to the top of this building to find a body
you can psychic link. Move forward until you're inside of a house where you 
have to drop through a hole in the floor. The stairs going up are blocked by
a cabinet of some kind. Before dropping through the hole, look behind the 
stairs for a body to psychic link with.

You'll soon come across more enemies, though not nearly as much as last time.
Clear it out and move to the stairs. Before going up them, open the door to 
the right of them and inside you'll find a body to psychic link. Go up the 
stairs and clear the place out. More people will show up on the ground where
you just were. A couple of guys will also bust through the only other door up 
here where you are. When they do, kill them and go down those stairs. Continue
on until you have to go up some stairs. At the top you'll find a few enemies.
Shortly afterwards you'll come across an ammo container with Zap Grenades.

You'll exit the next building onto the street. As soon as you exit, look to 
your left for a body to psychic link. There's one guy behind a car on the 
street. However, when you move up, you'll have to deal with more enemies, 
including a mech. Your best bet here is to try to take out most of the enemies
before the mech comes to you. When the crowd's been thinned a bit, use a zap
grenade to stop the mech and drill it a bit. You'll find more zap grenades in 
a container on the left wall. Also, if you can make it, you'll find a rocket 
launcher in the building on the far right corner of the area. It's not a long
run to get inside the building, but there is a lot of opposition.

Clear the area out and move through the wooden gate. You'll quickly run into 
more enemies. Some of them will be running around on the rooftops, so be 
careful. If you run directly forward upon entering this area you'll hit a 
house. Enter it to find a body to psychic link with. You can also climb around
on the rooftops if you want, via two ladders on the middle buildings and some
palletes to the left of your entry point, but this doesn't afford you much 

After you continue on your goal will be updated. You now need to commandeer
the helicopter. After leaving the first area with the ammo container, look to
your right for a couple of steps leading up to a porch type thing. There's a 
body on the porch. Climb around some more and you'll spot a blue, electric 
looking guy. He's rather annoying. He'll throw portals down onto the walls 
that enemies will spawn from. Defeat the enemies and push your way forward.
After a bit of fighting, you'll go up a ramp and be facing the helicopter.
At this point, find cover. The blue guy is on a building by the helicopter, 
and he has a beam weapon that takes your health down fast. He also takes quite
a bit of damage, seems to have recharging shields, and will continually spawn
in regular enemies. It's best to head back down the ramp and hid in the cubby
hole by it. If you have a sniper, use it on the blue guy. A few back to back 
shots should take him down. Otherwise, just keep drilling him with whatever 
you've got. After he's dead, make your way to the helicopter to finish this