F.3.A.R. Game Guide

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                              ||  Walkthrough  ||                          [W0]
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                                | Interval 01 |                            [W1]
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First, I'd like to note that if you do this cooperatively, one person will 
control Point Man, the default character that this guide is written for, and 
one person will control Fettle. Fettle's path sometimes diverges from Point 
Man's, so the guide may not be relevant in those areas. Also Fettle's combat
system is different from Point Man's. Finally, after beating a mission, you 
can play through that mission as Fettle in solo campaign. Which is good, 
because Fettle is a fun character to play with.

When you gain control, use the Right Thumbstick to look around and the Left 
Thumbstick to move. Open the door and move down the hallway. Open the door at 
the end and continue on. You will eventually come across an enemy who is 
facing away from you. Melee him in the back and walk over him to take his 
pistol. Go left and aim down sights, then look at the lock. You should notice
that the green iron sights on the pistol turns red. It does this whenever you
aim at something you can shoot. Shoot the lock to break it, then move through
the door and immediately take cover behind the boxes to your left. There's a 
guard on the other side of the boxes. Take him down, then vault over the boxes.

After killing the guard, use the switch in the next room to open the door. 
You'll have to take down two more guards that rush in, but there's plenty of 
cover. When you get to the stairwell, turn on your flashlight. You'll find an
ammo crate with some pistol rounds and a couple of grenades inside. When you 
get to the next hallway, enter cover and use a grenade to deal with the two 
guys talking in front of you. There's a third guard at the end of the hallway.
The guys are carrying SMGs, and you'll automatically pick one up. Press the 
Left Bumper/L1 to switch weapons. You can go either way here. Both paths 
require you to crouch once and jump once.

When you reach the wooden door, you can just open it or you can melee it, 
which causes you to kick it in. Either way, look to your left when you do.
You'll find three guards playing poker at a table. They of course become 
alerted to your presence, but the game automatically activates slo-mo. If you 
manage to kill all three guards with headshots before slo-mo ends, you get an 
achievement. If you don't get it, use the reload checkpoint option in the 
pause menu to go back to the other side of the door and try again. Once they're
down, take cover. You'll have to deal with at least six or seven enemies in the
room. Keep an eye out for a fire extinguisher on a pillar in the middle of the 
room, and for a breaker box on the back wall. Both can be shot, which causes 
them to explode.

After clearing the room of enemies, you'll come to another hallway. You'll 
see visions of Alma floating around, and the music gets annoyingly creepy. You
can open all of the cell doors here, though only the last one on the right 
offers anything useful: some SMG ammo (and gravity-defying blood). The next 
room has pistol ammo on a desk to the left, and a dead body. You should notice
a faint glowing aura coming off of the body. You can perform a psychic link 
with bodies that have this aura. The body will disappear when you do this and 
you'll gain points. Turn off your flashlight when Fettel notes that it gives
your position away.

You should hear some guards patrolling the next room. You can try to sneak in
and take cover, but this cell block is loaded with enemies, so you're going to
wind up with a firefight on your hands whether you like it or not. Keep in 
mind that some of the cover is destructible. You can also make your way up to
the second and even third floors. The doors will have to have their locks shot
off first though. On the third floor you'll find two ammo containers (one at 
each end of the room) and a body you can use psychic link on, near the entrance
side of the room. Also, at least one of the guards in here drops a shotgun. 
When it's clear, get on the second floor and make your way on top of the 
control room. There's a door here you can exit through, with a lone enemy 
behind it.

Go downstairs and you'll find yourself inside the control room. The ammo 
container has a new type of grenade for you: the flashbang. Use the D-Pad to 
switch between grenade types. Pull the switch on the console to open the 
previously locked cell door by you, as well as the locked door at the end of 
the room. A few enemies will come through this door. They'll be using smoke as 
cover, so let loose with flashbangs or frags at your discretion. Once they're
down, move on. Be careful, as there might be another enemy straggling behind 
in the next corridor. Keep going forward until you see a single wood door to 
your left. You need to go through it to proceed, but first, go right. You can
enter another room with some ammo and a body you can psychic link with.

Move through the wood door now and you'll be in a small room with a few guards.
After this you'll come to a large room filled with enemies. There's an 
explosive barrel right in the middle that'll do some damage to the surrounding
enemies. Also, just before you enter the large room, look to the left for a 
locked door. You'll find ammo behind it. As soon as you enter the large room,
you should see a cage to your left. Find the opening and you'll see a body on
the floor that you can use psychic link on. As you move on, a few more enemies
will come out of the kitchen area. Move through the kitchen and head upstairs.
You'll find a couple of people right at the top of the stairs, and one of them
has a shotgun, so be careful. There's another guard or two in the next room, 
along with a propane tank to the left of them, if you want to use it.

Pull the switch in this room. This opens the door next to you and spawns a 
load of enemies on the catwalks. Look to the right of the now open door and 
you'll find another door that's locked. Shoot the lock and go through it for a
safer passage to take the enemies out from. There's also an ammo container and
a body you can psychic link in here. After you take them all out, go through
the door on the other side and head downstairs. Before heading through the 
blue doors, shoot the lock on the gate to your left and use psychic link on
the body here. Keep going down to the bottom and you'll find more ammo and 
another body that you can use psychic link on. Also, crouch and go under the 
stairs and look in the corner. You might see an Alma Doll here. Walk over it to
collect it and get some points. I say "might" because the dolls are known to 
spawn in different locations in each Interval. This is where I found mine 
though, so it's worth a look.

Head back up and through the blue doors. You'll hear a radio message saying 
that there's a gas leak. Shortly afterwards you come to a fork. Go left through
the open gate and use psychic link on the body, then head right, through the 
closed gate. Open the next gate and look left. You should see a gate that you 
can't open with a forklift against it. There's a body on the other side you 
can use psychic link on. Continue to the stairwell, but don't go up the 
stairs. Crouch and go under them and you'll find yet another body to psychic 
link. Now sprint up the stairs. The gas pipes begin to explode, and the 
flames will damage you. An enemy at the top will get caught in some flames.

Coming out of the stairwell, go straight forward into the cell and you'll find
another body to use psychic link on. In the next area you'll have to fight your
way down the catwalks. When you go one floor down, a gas pipe will block your
path. Go into the open cell and you'll find a hole that you can crawl through.
There's a body here that you can psychic link, and you can use this hole to 
get over to the next cell. On the bottom floor there's an explosive barrel in
the middle of the area. Take out all of the enemies here to finish this