Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Five: Chapter 5 – Ascension

There are frags behind the front desk. Go up the right side, but either way is
the same. When you reach the end and see a pack of Locust incoming, toss a frag
or two to clear them out, or use a few boomshots as the Boomers will drop more.
Grab those shots and once clear, head up the steps and around. Hopefully your
team will move up and into the middle to hold most of the attention from the 
Locusts. Try to spot the incoming Bloodmounts from the elevators on the right,
and kill them quickly; try to save a few boomshots if you can. There is a 
mortar in the middle that will fire forward so long as you are right next to
the circular cover. Get there and use those if you can. Clear out the Therons
and when they are dead a Reaver will bust through the window. Boomshots are 
best, the mortar will work, and if you must, take cover at the sides and burn
it down quickly.

Gather supplies, probably trade your empty boomshot for a bow, and if you need
lancer ammo, grab the one by the right side elevator. There are frags by the 
left elevator, and then push the button to summon the Lambent stalks. Pop the
pods as they spawn and they will continue to spawn throughout this minute or
so long fight. The Wretches are the biggest threat, but all you have to do is
keep an eye on the elevators and when they are close you can just stay low and
roll to them when they arrive to trigger the scene. As you go up there will be
a pair in either elevator next to each elevator your team occupies, so kills
the ones by your other team, and kill the ones to your right, and be ready to
saw the ones that climb aboard. You can ignore the Grinder in the window, and
when your lift is toppled, hop over to the other.

Take cover at the railing and look down to kill the Therons below. More Grubs,
a Kantus, and Tickers will come from the stairs. When they are dead there 
should be one more pair to come down the stairs. Before you go up, go around
and down to the bottom floor to find a note and ammo. Go up the stairs, clear
the third floor, and as you head for the stairs a scene should roll.

As Tempest arrives, just take cover and let it beam the area. You can't stick
to one spot for long or you will burn, so run to the left between beams and
head for the stairs up. It should block the top of the next stairs, so just
run up when it moves and head to the next steps. Then make a quick burst to
the final steps to trigger a scene.

The idea is the same, move between beams, and quickly cut the ropes. You only
have seconds between beams to move, and you can't waste a step when you move
to cut the ropes, so be sure to be at the cover directly next to a rope when
you make your move. Just rotate around the room, being very careful, and you
will have no problems. If downed, just stay low and hope someone comes to 
pick you up. On co-op it is crazy easy as you can just flip flop from one side
to the other and just have someone play bait opposite the other player(s).

Open the door and start breaking the boxes to reveal ammo and then a COG tag
in the corner. It's a good idea to bring that gnasher by the door, and then 
move up to find frags behind a box. Go up the steps and grab the gnasher and
the ammo. Have a frag ready for when you open the door, just lob it at the 
Grinder to clear the immediate area. Then toss a frag across the room to 
behind the boxes. Up the hall there are two dual rooms on either side and both
have frags in them; you kick down the doors to get in. You want to move fast to
hold back the Grubs, and just run from side to side, lobbing a few frags
further and further up the hall. Save one for the turret and clear it out.

There should be a mulcher somewhere in the hall, so find it and go into the 
room on the left first. It's better to go in with a frag or gnasher, and then
follow up with firing the mulcher from the hip, but however you need to clear
the room, go right ahead. Use the console and then head to the other room.
Lob a few frags at the Grinder and then clear it out to use the second console.
No need to pick up the mulchers, just go into the middle room for a scene.

Pick up what should be the final collectable on the table nearby. Get on the
turret to mow down the few Lambent down the hall before the stalk shows up. 
Aim to find the pods by letting the sight turn red. There will be one on the
left, right, and up, so don't stop firing at it until it shrivels up. Don't
let the Lambent go unchecked for too long as you disable the stalk, and then
mow then down to finish the fight. Head for the lift to begin the final
chapter of the game.