Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Five: Chapter 3 – Shattered Paradise

Move up the path and go left into the structure with you lancer revved up as 
four Wretches should appear. Dance with them and cut all four in half. Then 
move up and follow the left path through a rock portion to flank the Therons.
A Wretch should be incoming, and the Therons behind you should be taken care 
of but keep an eye open in case they are still around. From the cave, mow down
the enemeis with blindfire and down the Grinder to take his mulcher. No use 
sitting on those boomshots you may have, and taking a gnasher or bow is not a 
bad idea too.

Move up the path and head into the next cave area, clearing out the Therons 
who would try to hold you back, so move into the cave quickly to push them 
out. When your guys are safely in the cave, you should back out and grind the
Therons on the balcony from the walkway, and once they are clear you can go
into the cave to take out the Therons through the window. Grab ammo and follow
the cave to the left where you will emerge behind the next group of Grubs and
can drop a frag. Fill your ammo before moving up.

After the quick scene, quickly move up and to the left to the cover at the 
foot of the steps. Lob a frag up to the bench and just be mindful of a roaming
Grinder. But all you need to do here is clear the area around the siege beast.
Once you kill the Therons around it, keep an eye on the skies, try to kill the
Grinder in the area, and then hop on the catapult. There are three incoming
barges and if you let them drop their troops you will have more enemies to
face, where if you can blow all three up before they stop you will not have to
face any extra Therons. Let the barges almost be in close to their stopping
points, aim to somewhere to the right side of their gas sacs, and launch a 
volley when the sight turns red and it should hit. Repeat until all three are
down and then you just have to clear the area to trigger the scene.

There are frags and some guns down the hall. At the corner you can break a 
floor tile to grab a collectable. There is a longshot, more frags, and lots of
ammo in the waiting area. Open the door and then take cover on the right rail.
Try to lob a frag over the gap and hit one or two, then open fire and take out
the three crew members around the siege beast. Two more Therons will be behind
you on the walkway, and move quickly to take them out. A barge will be inbound,
so try to move under it and ambush the Therons as they rappel down; have frags
waiting. Once they are mostly down, head to the siege beast and finish off
any troops nearby. Then hop on the beast and pop a Reaver up to the right,
to the left, and then hit the dam straight ahead three times to hit a scene.

In the waiting area ahead will be a diary and ammo. Through the door you will
have enemies drop down from above, so you should move up to some solid cover
and drop a frag under them, and then move up to the right and the raised area.
Mow down all the Therons as well as the Boomer and Mauler down the way. Once
clear, the door will open to spill out two Bloodmounts and troops. Focus fire
on the mounts as they are top priority. If they do get close, that gnasher will
be a good weapon to fend them off. Try to save a few frags if you can, but no 
big deal. Once clear, be sure to take a full lancer, boltok, and boomshot into
the next area, but don't miss the COG tag to the far right side before you

Outside you have a big group of Locust, including three Armored Kantus and a 
ton of Therons. The key here is to ensure the Therons are dead, and when they
go down just keep shooting them until they are corpses. Then take your focus
on the Kantus and use your boomshots to aim for their feet as distance hits
will be difficult. There are more frags to the left between the statues if you
need them, and there should be something to the right (I forgot) and there may
be some bows to use. Keep an eye on the rockets from the barge and be ready
to dodge them as they do come your way every now and then. Once the Kantus are
dead, one of the side doors will open to spill out a few Therons and a Mauler.
Kill them and then run to the siege beast to down the barge to end the chapter.