Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Five: Chapter 2 – Blackout 

The wall ahead has a button to reveal another Silverback, and you shouldn't
need to use the ammo pile in the corner. Get in the suit and get on the 
elevator. You will stop, so be ready to look down each corridor and blast 
Wretches as they appear. Clear the boxes and rotate your aim as they will come
from all sides at different times. Try to watch the 1 and 2 corridors (look on
the sides for numbers) and two flamethrowers may come at you from those 

Once the Wretches are done, head down the 3 corridor. Near the end of it, on
the left you will see a busted set of bars. Kick open the big door to find an
ammo room of lancers and boomshots, and then pick up the COG tag on the floor.
Get back in the suit and go around the corner to kill a flame Grub. Flip the
switch on the left and head back. As you go back to the elevator, Wretches
should ambush you. You then need to head down the 1 or 2 corridors to arrive
at a room with more Locust. If you enter from the right you can flank most of
the Therons, but then the flame Grub on the left side will probably go all the
way around and come up behind you, so just be aware that a flamethrower is in
the area. Finish them all off and you can abandon the suit. There are frags up
the steps and around the corner (you should have a full booomshot and lancer),
and take the ladder.

Go to the right and when you appear at the doorway a Reaver will drop in at the
helipad. Just post up on the wall and use the lancer to kill it; feel free to
drop back to the corner to refill ammo. When you move out, get on the helipad
and stay there - you'll know why shortly. Kill all the Therons and feel free to
use two frags. When they are dead a Reaver will drop in up ahead and he needs
to die quickly as that beast will roam about and come after you for melee hits
and close rocket blasts. Should only take three boomshots to kill it, but just
fall back to the building if it gets close.

You'll find frags and plenty of lancer ammo. Around the corner you will hit a 
tiny scene showing you the enemies guarding the facility. To the left you will
find a mortar, so grab it and feel free to save it for the Armored Kantus who
will appear shortly. Bring it up to cover and drop it to take out the flying
critters and the Therons. Try to watch the door for when it opens the Kantus
will appear. From the bottom of the steps you would only need to send the a
mortar strike at about half power to reach the top of the steps. A few good 
hits should take him out, but there are bow drops and a pair of frags on the 
right side if you need more help on top of the boomshots you should have.

Take the elevator and be ready to drop a frag, and once the Therons are clear
you should aim to the right and wait for a flame Grub to bust through the 
doors. Look behind the desk in the middle for a button, then go to the right
to pick up a note behind the picture. Proceed for a scene.

Down the hall will be two flame Grubs and a Theron. Pop them quickly and move
up; feel free to grab a scorcher if you are out of boomshots, or spend those
boomshots because you'll get more ahead. A Theron and flamer will be around
the corner at the end. When you go down the steps, run to the left and kill
the flamer before he gets close, and then come back and look down the right
side to kill that flamethrower. Then deal with the Wretches. There are two
switches down the first two aisles, boomshots in a room on the right, and then
head up and pull the switch on the left to open a door for a scene.

Go up the steps and take cover through the door to handle the three Therons.
Flip the coolant valve and grab the ammo box on the left. When you move to the
right, take cover on the rail to your right as Therons will be shooting at you
through the window. Hopefully your team will help take them out and you should
be safe if you stay directly under them, but you may need to pop up to take
them out. Grab ammo and move forward and again you should take cover on the
right railing as a Grinder will come out of a door. Just blindfire kill him
and flip the coolant valve; don't miss the frags before you head down the

When you try to go down the stairs a group will attack through the windows on
the right, so head back up the stairs for cover and take them out; one of them
seems to retreat every time, so it should only be two. Head down and have a 
frag ready for the incoming Armored Kantus (all will be armored, so I'll just
say Kantus). Have a frag waiting for when he moves forward, and then finish
him off with a boomshot to the face. Move up to trigger the window Therons on
the left, take them out, and them come back to grab the ammo box and frags. Now
flip the valve in the middle and no point in grabbing the boomshot if you only
used one, but do grab it if you used more than one.

Head down the stairs and toss a frag or two or four down below to kill the 
first Kantus, and then have your boomshots ready for the other two. You want to
kill them quickly and try not to head down there because things can get messy
when you try to use explosives at close range and risk being down with rolling
Kantus. Stay at the stairs if you must. Once all three are dead, go back up to
grab the boomshot ammo if you didn't use it, find the frags, and turn the first
valve. After you turn the valve on the other side, get ready to run after the
scene. You can follow your team or just generally move forward as the open
path is the only path. Only need to let go of the run button to make sharp 
turns, and up the steps a Grinder will open the door, die on his own, and you
can just run forward to trigger the scene.