Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Five: Chapter 1 – Home Away From Home

Head up the steps and take cover as a patrol of Therons passes by ahead. They
will discover you soon, so feel free to open up on them when you get a clear
shot. In your first try you can sneak behind them as they walk, but if you
die and have to retry they will probably open fire on you immediately. Feel
free to use your big weapons on them as there are frags by the statue just
across the gap, in the middle of the dock area, and you will grab a longshot
soon. Move left to flank the first group and make sure they are cleared, and
then move up to the corner. You will find a longshot by the sandbag and use
it to hit the turret gunner up high to the right as well as the Therons on the
ground. A few Wretches will be incoming, and the sandbag is a good place for

Before you go up the stairs to trigger another group of Therons and Wretches,
consider looking for ammo, and you will probably want to drop the longshot for
a bow. Get up the stairs quickly to be on level ground and clear it out. Then
quickly go to the left to find a note; if you don't get it now you will won't
be able to get it after the next fight. The top of the stairs are clear, a 
train will pull in to drop off some Therons. Hit the red tanker at the left
end of the train to kill the turret, and then use your bow, frags, or close
quarters skills to finish off the Locust. Moments after the fight a scene will
play and move you out of here.

After the scene, break the box on the right to access an ammo room with lancers
and gnashers. The oneshot is really only handy in co-op, as ahead there will be
a Silverback to drive on single-player. Drive it out to kill a Theron, then go
left and kill the Therons around the corner as well as a Reaver that drops in.

Move up to the beach and go right and down the ramp a bit to deploy cover and 
wait for the Boomer to turn the corner to fire a rocket at him and his friends
who appear. Go back to the top path and move forward to fight a few Therons
that are around a trench area. Clear the first group and make your way to the
right and go around the trench. You should pop up behind the next set of 
Therons and the Reaver that shows up. Quickly blast them and take the mech up
and to the left into a cave to avoid the incoming mortars.

A Boomer, Therons, and Wretches are inside the cave, so quickly clear it out
and use the breakable boxes as temporary cover. When you clear it out, and if
the mech survives, look on the left wall for a barred area. Kick the bars down
and you will find a note and ammo inside. Go up the ramp at the other end of
the cave and deploy cover behind the barrier and pop whoever you can see. Your
team should be able to handle most enemies, but it's best to let things settle
a bit before you join the fight. Finish off the enemies and take the mech into
the trench. 

As you move in, a Boomer will come from the left up ahead, so be ready. As you
move further up a pack of Wretches should come out, but one time they did all
wait for me to turn the corner, so be ready either way. Once clear, move up,
hop out to grab some frags behind a box, and then head into the dead-end. After
the dialogue plays, come back out and be ready for Boomers to emerge from the
big door at the foot of the trench. If you've lost the Silverback, use the 
boomshot on the ground on them, but either way, be sure to have a full clip of
six boomshots as you go in. You can take the Silverback inside and up the 
slope to kill a last group of Therons with it. There are about three and a 
Kantus, so you can deploy the mech when the train is going by and have rockets
ready when it passes. Finish them off and you can abandon the Silverback if
you still have it.

Grab some ammo and flip the switch. Head up the tracks (again, not in the suit
if you had it) and run at the end when the train is inbound. Then, waste no
time and go up the left side stairs and cross the walkway (which is on the
right side of the room as you are crossing it) to appear in a room with the
Locust outside. Use the boomshots you got from earlier on the Therons, but
peek out the window on the right and look to the right to blast two Boomers,
hopefully both at once. Finish off the Therons, grab some boomshots, and
move up to finish the chapter.