Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Four: Chapter 5 – Bon Voyage

* Maintenance Bay *

Take the maintenance bay first. There is more ammo if you need, but hopefully
you have a boomshot and lancer ready to go; you could grab the ink grenade,
but no reason not to have frags from just a second ago. Head up to the garage
where you will be ambushed but dropping Wretches from above. You can take
a corner to fend them off, or stay near friends if they are any help. Then you
need to watch to the right as Tickers will come from under the doors. Use the
lancer's saw to get easy Wretch kills. Once clear you will have to fight
through a pack of Therons outside. Your team may be braver than you and go
tango with them, so just sit back at the garage and kill from safety.

Then run up and you will see a cart; keep running and run into it to push it
down, or press X like normal. Then turn left or right to see the other cart.
Run to it and push it down and both turret nests will be destroyed. If you
move too slow, the carts' payloads will be exploded and you will have to kill
the turret gunners yourself while the Shriekers fire on you. If you got both
carts in time, turn your attention to the flying enemies and the area will be

Head into the building and you have the option to grab HBs and gnashers, but
if you got those boomshots you should keep them. Take the lift up and you will
arrive at another big fight. Go to the left and kill whoever you can see,
but focus on the Boomer and Grinder when they move up. The Shriekers are the
top priorities, but the Kantus Priest up above is pretty important too as he
will revive and heal Locust. On lower difficulties he can be ignored, but
hardcore and up he needs to die fast. A barge will be incoming to drop off
about six Therons, so a few boomshots will come in handy, especially if you
can be to the back area and greet them as they land. Grab the boomshot on the
ground and it's your call to swap a nearly depleted lancer to get a full HB;
you will be able to fill a lancer up ahead as you fight.

Head into the building and you'll emerge in the hangar with a sub. If you
have a boomshot (and you should goddammit <3), use it on the Kantus and the
Mauler if he turns around or you can get a side shot on him. Those Therons
lurking down the ramps can be deadly, so don't discount them either. When the
front is clear, go down and left to find a note in the room. Come back out and
you will realize that the Boomshield the Mauler dropped is perfect for 
advancing up the sub as the enemies will have you pinned otherwise. Hopefully
your team will help as you soak up damage, but you can always get a few
kills with your pistol too, just make sure you move up the right side as that
makes you the least exposed. The shield will make it possible to go up the
stairs to finish off the two Therons above. 

Grab the lancers if you need and then go up and turn around to find the 
loader. Get in and use it to pick up the rotar. Step on the pressure pad in
front of the two doors to emerge in a big fight. Park the loader inside the
tunnel and get out to help the effort. I believe there is a Boomer and Mauler
in the bunch, so use your boomshots quickly as a Reaver is going to land soon.
Spend a few boomshots on it and you will be clear. Find the boomshot in the 
debris and take the loader through a few doors to end this half of the search.

* Docks *

Lancer ammo and grab a longshot only if you don't have boomshots. Frags
are inside the first room, and in the hangar will be a turret waiting for you,
so take cover and fire a boomshot to clear it. Hopefully your pals don't get
eaten alive by trying to move up, so be ready to bail them out. Once you
clear the Drones and Therons, then kill the Kantus in the back, and watch for
his Tickers. When clear, grab the lancers you find, there is a COG tag on
the right side behind the containers, and some frags near the Kantus.

Outside you can get the jump on some Therons and you can use the longshot
on the left, but only temporarily. Grab the gun you dropped for it and run up
and to the right for a door get get a Silverback. Use it to down the two
Bloodmounts, mow down the Therons on land, and then deploy cover (press A) to
use the rockets on the Therons on the ship, including one on some steps to the
far right. When it's clear and you move up, it's really funny if Jace goes to
pull the lever before the dialogue plays, but you may have to jump out and 
call the ramp yourself. Walk up the ramp to the ship and then mow down the
cluster of Locust in the corner, especially the Grub with the shotgun who
has no fear and can shoot you out of the mech with one blast.

Once clear, get out and go use the crane controls. The Hammer is there, but
you don't really need it. You also shouldn't immediately run to start killing
the new enemies as the barge will be laying down heavy artillery at close 
range. You would be better served to take shelter in a container on the right
with a mortar. Pick it up after you see the barge go away and use the shells
to mow away a few enemies. Two doors will open across the way for Bloodmounts
and/or Boomers to join the battle with friends, but you should be watching for
a Reaver to drop in. Use the Silverback to kill that (aim high on it), and then
use rockets to finish off the rest. Grab the ammo you can and take the doors
by the control room. There is a flame grenade in the room before you return to
the sub hangar.

* Escort *

This long chapter ends with you protecting the sub as it leaves the hangar.
Your team is split into pairs. Through the first sub door you will have 
Therons on the left with one team and a Boomer and friends in the middle with
the other team; means the right side team can grab a boomshot if on co-op.

Through the second big door you have a sizable wave of Therons, Shriekers,
and a Boomer, all bearing down on the left side team. Hopefully the AI soldier
with the left pair won't run up and get killed, but the other team should be
swinging around to help. Clear the Therons, then the Boomer, and then the
Shriekers if they aren't focusing on you, otherwise they die first like usual.
Grab the Boomer's gun and go up the steps to find frags on the left. 

When you move forward the third big door will open to a squad of Boomers. Head
into the room on the left for a Vulcan and mow them down while watching for 
their shots. There is also a oneshot in the middle, but that is best used on 
the Reaver that shows up. In the room you will also find a note and ammo. 
Finish off the Shriekers, you MUST grab some boomshots, there are frags up the
dead-end steps on the right, and head into the final bay.

You will meet the Armored Kantus who are only killed from explosives, ink
grenades, or fire. You should have six boomshots and four frags from just 
the last fight. It should take more boomshots than frags to kill these guys, so
use frags to start. Be careful to not throw them exactly where they stand as
they tend to roll forward; preferably, toss it after they roll. They don't do
a ton of damage with their Gorgon SMGs, so feel free to move around and get a
clean blast in. 

The first one is not too bad, the second one with friends will be tougher if
you miss with boomshots, and the third one will also bring a Serapede from
the side you are on. Under no circumstances should you bring the bug to the
Kantus because a Kantus roll on a downed player will be instant game over. 
There are like five Kantus in total, and up to three Serapedes. There is 
unlimited ammo on the left along with two frags. Once you use up your boomshots
you will need to trade for torque bows. They can come out of either side of

The ideal situation is to have the bug(s) and Kantus(s) on one side, that
way you can kill the Kantus first without having to watch your ass. The only
thing you can do about the bugs are to run away and hope they lose interest or
that your team gets wise and helps out. 

Armored Kantus seem vulnerable when they are healing and when they roar. When
they roar it appears their mouths are open to regular bullets, or perhaps they
take tiny damage from bullets at all times. So when they have allies to heal,
you can either ensure the Grubs are dead, or use them as potential bait to
make the Kantus still. The bait idea is risky as you would need good 
coordination to make sure those Locust don't roam freely. So it's best to just
kill them or kill them as they are being revived.

Best of luck as on higher difficulties this part is just chaos. Feel free to
stock up on ammo and bolts before you go to turn the valve.