Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Four: Chapter 4 – Batten Down the Hatches

When you move forward, be ready for a pack of Shriekers. Kill them and it's
best to go right and into the train car in the corner for boomshots and ammo,
but you could also try sneaking up to the shack from the left. However, a
Boomer will be coming from behind the shack very soon, so you have to move
quickly or you'll have a wild Boomer, a turret, and incoming Therons to tango
with. Those boomshots will help if they land, and the barge drops about four
Therons. Grab the dead Boomer's gun and head to the left. Another Boomer and
a string of Therons will have a turret and guard the door. You need to aim your
Boomshot high to reach any of the enemies from long distance, but once you kill
the Boomer you can run up and flank the Therons from their left. You have your
choice of flame or the new Ink Grenades. Ink grenades leave poisonous clouds
that are very deadly, just like the imulsion trails from the Lambent Berserker.
Oh yeah, and grab the boomshot before you head through the door.

Ammo before you pass through the hangar, and ammo to the right as you go back
outside. Cross the wooden bridge and move forward to trigger a new enemy. The
only way to kill an Electric Serapede is to have someone play the decoy and 
the rest of the team to shoot the bug's back. Continue shooting the last 
segment until the creature curls up and is ready to be finished. All the while
you have a few Therons firing at you, snipers on the containers on the sides,
and a second Serapede will appear. If you are the target of these bugs you will
just have to turn and run. They do take priority over the Locust, so just hope
their aim is poor and stay out of their line of sight. Feel free to use some
boomshot ammo as there is an extra with some ammo in an alcove on the left.
Pick up the paper in the alcover on the right and the frags, and there is
more ammo in the open door. Take the shut door on the left to end the