Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Four: Chapter 3 – Hang’em High

There is some ammo as you head for the cable car. Press the button to find out
you must stick around. Open the fence and prepare for a modest incoming of 
infected; feel free to take a few swings with the cleaver. Head to the back of
the area where a "former" will crawl from under a shack. In the corner will
be a note, and you can try to get the ammo on the edge to conclude the ammo-
out-of-reach saga.

Head inside with a gnasher or pick up the one down the steps and move forward 
to cut through mobs of zombies. Just move slow and watch the sides. When you
reach the locked cable, feel free to saw it in two (awkward if you punch it in
two) and pick up the mulcher. Just use it to shoot from the hip, but you may
be surprised that you can set it down to good effect. Watch when you go up the
steps as your AI teammates may have already gone up and left you to fend off
the pack of formers that rush you as you go up - my advice is to move fast and
with your team. Head for the cable car to head back.

For the barges you can just duck and let them go, or pull out your pistol and 
try to get a few free kills. When you park, get out and have a frag or two 
ready for the Therons inside. The gnasher will help you move through this part
quickly, but feel free to take your time. When you kill the first two Guards,
two more and two Shriekers will come down the stairs. Grab the ammo you need
and head up. When you try to go up the next stairs, be wary of a few Therons
waiting. Going to the right is usually clear, but have your gnasher ready in
case it's not. Your team may also move up and not clear the Locust, so check
around the corners before you head for the ladder.

There will be one or two Therons down the roof and two Shriekers. Toss a frag
into the room as Therons are waiting. Clear it out and grab a note on the floor
by the couches. When you return to the roof, a few Shriekers and Therons will
be a little more concerned with Dizzy and Griffin, so take them out while they
aren't looking to end the chapter.