Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Four: Chapter 2 – Crater

Up ahead and to the right is a door you can kick open for a note. Further up
is an ammo box on a car, but when you go to grab it be ready for a Polyp. At
the ruined building stalks will pop up and drop the usual Lambent mob along
with some Wretches. It's a bad idea to try and flank to the right, but you can
at least take cover in that direction if you want to be safe. If you want to
be a little more reckless and speed up the fight, you can go to the left and
post up on the broken wall. You should be able to blindfire to the right and
take out many Drones, and you only need to watch for one or two on your left.
Hit the pods and after you should only have to worry about a few Drudges. You
will probably be out of lancer ammo, so feel free to carry a hammerburst for a
while. You could even use up your boomshots to carry a lancer and HB, and if
you don't have the boomshots then you can do that also.

Hop over the wall and around the corner will be Polyps, then more will drop
from a scoop above. Move up, kill the Wretch down the stairs, and quickly go
to the left and into the train car. Grab the mulcher and post up on the window
and pop the pods and the Drudge before they settle. Then come out of the train
and mow down as much as you can up above, and you could even consider going up
the stairs and around to be level with the top enemies, but you should be able
to fend them off from below as half of your squad will be up top. Try to pop
the pods of the other stalk and mop up; you could even jump through the train 
end to reach a side area with ammo and a clear sight up the stairs. Then a 
single Drone will pop up on the train to the left, so kill him to clear the
area. Grab what ammo you can, ammo in a room to the left, and head down the
path to hit a small scene.

Up ahead will be Polyps, and you can go to the left for the ammo crate to
hit the second time ammo is just out of reach. Around the corner will be a 
big fight with many Drones, Wretches, and Drudges. The only safe cover I found
was near the edge, as the ruined building will easily be overrun and anywhere
else you are liable to get rushed as well. So post up behind the cover by the
ledge and hit any pods on the stalk you can see, and you may want to move 
around a bit to get a sight on them. The biggest threats are the Wretches, so
you must worry about them first as you can take cover from the others. These
Drones seem a little more aggressive than usual, and some have gnashers, so
pretty much all enemies here are almost equal threats. If you must, fall back
to the train station, use your grenades, or rely on revives when things get
hairy. Not much ammo, so but if you have your lancer you should keep it and 
grab a gnasher.

In the tower you can load up on ammo. There are two frags and you should only
need to use two of your own. Go left for a mulcher in a closet, then go right
to turn on the power. Call an elevator and sit in the middle. The first 
infected come from around the entrance, but watch all around you. The elevator
by the door where you found the mulcher should arrive first, so be ready but 
also be aware that other undead can appear elsewhere. Next the other two 
elevators will open at the same time; one on either side, so you could have
a frag or two waiting for both sides. Finally, the two doors on the sides of 
the bar will open, so feel free to spend up your mulcher. Grab the ammo and
frags, take the left door for a boltok, get on the lift, and push over the 
car. When the big guy appears, strafe to your right and burn him down as 
quickly as possible. If it happens to not move, it can turn 180 to hit you, so
the only safe spot is to its right side.