Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Four: Chapter 1 – Ashes to Ashes

*NOTE: Don't touch the "statues" and you get an achievement and boomshots.*

Follow the path, grab ammo, head down the stairs, hide from the gun trap,
and keep down the path. Past the long road and around the corner will be a 
shopping cart, so sit back as it explodes. Around the next corner will be a 
box of Polyps dropped on you. Try not to hit the statue and fend them off. Go
up and into the building on the left for a COG and lancer ammo, then take the 

Ammo on the left and right, and then watch the falling barrel. You can peek
your camera around the debris ahead to trigger the trap, but you don't need to
go around it yourself. Down the highway will be some Polyps, and around the
corner will be a fight.

Hide from the turrets, and I say go to the left side, behind the box things.
A single stalk appears and has two pods, so pop those quickly and drop a frag
or two on the Lambent. Kill the Drudges, any slithering heads, and mop up the

After the scene, follow the dude up and through a door. If you didn't hit any
statues you can access an ammo room on the right. Grab a boomshot but keep your
lancer, and get some incendiaries if you are out of frags. Head to Griffin's
office. After meeting Ice-T you can get more supplies if you couldn't get into
the ammo room before. Open the door to end the chapter.