Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Three: Chapter 5 – Brothers to the End

Blast the two you see, then sit back in the church and fend off the zombies
from here. Keep your eyes up, don't let them get close, and get the jump on
them as they appear. After, go grab a sawed-off and lancer ammo. Head up and
through the steeple structure to hit one more mob of zombies. Open the door and
follow the path up to the big church. To the right is a gnasher and you should
swap out your sawed-off for it, then go to the back for a scene.

Get your grenades ready for when they jump out and drop one or two, then use
your gnasher/lancer to fend them off. Back up if you must and it should be
easy. Head into the church, grab the lancer ammo in the middle, and then cut
open the boards. Go left for a flyer, and then right to take the lift down.

Kill the Boomers and then mow down a few Drones. More Boomers will come from
the tunnel, and then grapplers will start coming up the walls. Saw them up and
soon a mob of zombies will come from behind you. About when they are finished,
grapplers and then stalks will emerge; make sure you have ammo and make use of
those frags. Bust the pods, stay out of the ground troops' sights, and just
stay alive until the third stalk appears. Go to bust its pod and the act will
end with a long scene.