Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Three: Chapter 1 – Unbreakable

In the starting garage you have a ton of weapons to choose from, but hopefully
in the previous few chapters you loaded up on Boomshots and still have them.
Ideally, you will have Boomshots, Lancer, and frags, but if you don't have
Boomshots you can grab the Longshots at the start.

Also, there are three collectables: one on the wall behind you as soon as the
chapter starts, a painting in a room on the right side path, and some tags by
the ammo on the floor if you continue down the right side path which will
cross over a bridge to the left side. 

* First Gate *

When you reach the front you are just trying to survive. You can't do anything
to stop the siege beast from breaking the first gate (as far as I know), so you
just need to hop on and off the left side turret (staying on the left is
important) and spray down anything that moves. The left side is the hotter
side as ther creek  is a prominent spawning point; the other being the center
bridge. You'll have to hit Reavers, Bloodmounts, Grinders, and if any Drones
get too close they will grapple up to the gate. Just survive until the siege
beast rolls up and you can sit back and do nothing.

* Second Gate *

After the scene, run back (remember, down the right side as you retreat).
You'll be on the upper walkway and have access to ammo, a Longshot, and a
Vulcan cannon. You need to survive four waves of Maulers and Grinders to get
out of this fight the easy way. But first you must mop up some Bloodmounts and
a ton of Drones before the first Maulers show up.

So again, you have the following at your disposal:

	A few ammo crates
	A few frags
	Vulcan Cannon
	Palate of gas containers hanging over the yard

We will assume you have almost full Lancer ammo, a full Longshot or Boomshot,
and four frags. If you have Boomshots, save those for the Maulers. If you just
have a Longshot, use that on the drones. You will have to kill a lot of drones,
so don't take them lightly. You should only have to dip into the ammo crates
for the drones, but feel free to use Longshot rounds.

*NOTE: On the higher difficulties and/or on co-op, best to use your frags 
earlier rather than late as there won't be as much ammo to go around. Also,
be sure not to shoot boomshots at the Maulers' shields.*

Once the drones stop pouring in and the yard is quiet - get some Lancer ammo -
a horn will sound and Maulers will appear followed by two Grinders. Pour a few
Lancer rounds into the Maulers to get them to slow down and toss a frag or two;
one for the Maulers, another if you need to finish off more than a few Maulers,
and then Lancer the Grinders. The key is to not let the Maulers get under the
walkways. You can't really see down there, so your only hope then would be to
try and bounce a frag off the gate wall and hope it lands under the Maulers and
not on the guys in the lower walkway. So if the conga lines head out of your
vision you can then use the hanging gas tanks.

Try to repeat with the second wave, but don't be shy about using the Vulcan.
On the third wave you can deplete the Vulcan and use any frags you want. You
may want to save a frag or two if you can manage for the fourth wave, but it's
up to you. For the fourth wave you can go about it any way you wish, but you
should still use some Lancer bullets to slow them down. Let them get to about
the middle of the yard and then hit the hanging palate to drop it for a huge
explosion. If any Maulers survive, drop frags and/or go Lancer crazy -
Boomshots would be good to use in this case. Mop up the Grinders and you will
end the chapter right there.

If you had a full stack of Boomshots on you, those would have been overkill
and would make the higher difficulties a relative breeze. If you don't know,
the Boomshots come from the previous act and can be saved for this chapter.

* Third Gate and Beyond *

If you weren't up to the task and the Maulers broke through, you can basically
just let the Locust reach the garage because it will be hard to prevent the
Boomers from doing their job. At the garage, just sit back until you are told
of the last resort and hit the tanker to end the chapter.

If you were never able to complete the second gate you could have just let the
first Maulers go through and then sit back until you get the last resort.