Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Two: Chapter 6 – Airborne

Get on the right side turret and pop the tops of the enemies barges.

Once you land, head right to flank the Therons. There are about four on the
ground and two up on the gate and/or in the building. After the scene, grab
some lancer ammo and boomshots; we will NOT be using the boomshots. Grab the
oneshot and head up the stairs and into the building. The oneshot can one shot
the Reavers, but drop it once they are dead and just handle the Therons on your
own, or just save three oneshots for the last Reavers. You can also use an
explosive truck if you want. 

When clear, go refill on lancer ammo and then head to the other road. Head
left to find a note, then go right, up the steps to the buildings, and all the
way right to find a COG tag in the corner. Remember, boomshot and lancer as you
head for the barge.