Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Two: Chapter 5 – Hijack

Start off by shooting down the Shriekers, the airborne machine gun things.
Then take out the Drones. Just sit back and wait as a barge is incoming, but
more enemies will appear to the left. Move up and if you have a longshot you
can snipe the Theron Guards down below, just don't stay in their line of sight 
for too long as their Torque Bows will down you with a direct hit. Take them
out and a door on the left will open to reveal some Grenadiers, Shriekers
further back, Therons by the turret, and a Digger. They may be in any number of
places, but most of them come from the cave on the left. Snipe the Therons and
then pick up the previous Torque Bows to give them a spin. Before you leave,
turn around and in front of the turret nest you will will find a door that has
a collectable and ammo, but feel free to keep the bow as it is pretty useful.

Take the door and then the lift up to the dock. Stay in the middle and try to
use the middle cover to shield yourself from the incoming barrage from the air.
Circle around, keeping the top of the lift between you and the barge. As it
hits the long ends of the platform, have your torque bolts waiting as Therons
will rappel down as soon as the barge stops. You need to take out the Therons
quickly and keep moving as the barge will continue it's route as well. After
it drops four pairs of Therons the barge will park. There should be just three
more Therons to hop out, so have a frag ready and mop them up to trigger a