Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Two: Chapter 4 – Trench Run

Run up to trigger a scene. Run forward and hide under the cover. Move to the
other side and wait for the carpet bombing to finish, then quickly run to the
right. Let the bombs pass and run to the third cover and move to the other side
to make the barge go away. Watch the right and you will find a hammer behind
some boxes as you exit the trench.

After the scene, move up for ammo and then go left to take cover. Head to the
far left to flank the Grubs, but watch out for Tickers. Take the door at the
other end. Move up as all seems well, and get ready to shoot or saw a Drone.
Then be ready for a Drone and Digger around the corner. Grab ammo and head to
the next area.

There are plenty of Tickers on the ceiling, so shoot them down. Clear out the
Drones, grab some ammo, and head to the other side. Ground Tickers should be
incoming, so watch out. Careful of the moving line of Tickers as they can be
used against you. Take point atop the ramp and watch the lower end as you thin
the Locust down the trail. Use the hanging and moving line of Tickers against
them, and from the top of the ramp you should be fine.

Move up to the pit as you will be trapped with a baby Corpser. Same tactics as
before: roll into the dust trail when it comes after you, drop a frag, and you
should have to drop a frag a second time as this one is a bit tougher than the
first one. Have a frag ready for the big Butcher and Drones coming out of the
gate ahead. Mop them up and go in to collect supplies. You should have a lancer
and gnasher on you as you head up the ladder.

Kill the newborn when you can and then group up to fend off the swarm, and you
should have much fun using your chainsaw to kill them. After a few wave are 
dead, the mother will appear. Just keep your distance, try to stay on its 
side, and aim for the eyes when you see them light up. She has four eyes and
between each wave you will have to fight off babies and newborns. The bigger
children will be easier to kill as they will lack armor, so you can just
shoot them straight up and they won't be too hard to kill; remember to roll
at their dust clouds. Though it's funner to saw the little ones up, just shoot
them for now. There are stacks of ammo on the side, and on the second wave you
may get three bigger Corpsers.

As for the momma herself, you just need to hit the eyes at all costs. If she's
bearing down on you, stand your ground and hit the eyes when you get a chance.
After the final eye is popped she will go into berserk mode and run around the
room in nearly identical paths. Just keep your eyes on her and dodge her 
charges. When the countdown appears, just one person needs to head for the exit
and the scene will trigger to end the chapter. You can't just run for the 
exit as she will likely roll over you.