Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act Two: Chapter 2 – House of Sand

Grab some ammo and head out. Move up to the open area as a baby Corpser will
burrow toward you. It's better to roll towards it when you see the dust heading
your way. When it emerges, drop a frag under it and it should go under. Dodge
it again and when it emerges you should only need a concentrated barrage to its
back to bring it down.

A Grub may be around the corner, and then when you move forward you should try
to stay low as Locust are above you. Watch for the two Tickers and head right
to hop up. Take out the Digger first, then the minions as you use the tree to
hide from the Grinder, and then take him out. Find your ammo and though you
can bring the Mulcher for a portable turret, it's actually not too helpful for
the next fight; those fire grenades will help. When you go toward the gate you
will be ambushed by Butchers and shotgun-wielding infantry. Drop fire on the 
Butchers before they can get far and just stay low and keep the shock troops
at bay. This fight will take a while to play out, so be patient. Grab the ammo
you can and take the door out.

Start running left and down the trail on the other side until you reach the 
bottom where two Grenadiers have dropped down; you can chainsaw them if you
move quick enough. Then run up the right side path to flank the enemy turret
nest. Feel free to use your digger gun on the enemies and watch out for 
Tickers. Kill the Digger and the area should be clear to comb for supplies.

Go up the ladder and don't get on the beast too quickly. Go to the left and 
find the longshot and frags on the ledge. Then get on the beast and use it to 
try and hit some enemies down the path, but it's very hard as not even getting
a red sight will ensure a hit. Just aim a little behind your spot and you might
hit something with your few volleys. When you move into the narrow passage the 
gate will close and you should go right to try and flank the Diggers and their

*NOTE: Since you need a sniper rifle for the next chapter, may as well drop
the digger gun now and pick up a rifle, or have a friend do so on co-op if you
want to keep the digger gun.*

Grab the ammo, frags, more ammo and frags ahead, and head out to the next