Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 6 – Hanging by a Thread

As you glide, hit the enemies and red explosives to the right that you can,
and then start hitting the Gunker on the bridge. When you land you need to 
either move up and to the right or back and to the right as there is not a lot
of room here. Hopefully you had that boomshot and you can use it now on the big
guy and the Drudges. There are frags at the back before you move up.

After the scene, try to quickly kill the sniper dead ahead of you, then run
left and up to the wall. From here, peek around the corner and hit the red 
explosives to the right where a turret nest will appear, and in doing so you
will destroy the turret. Careful as you look to the right as there are two
snipers who have good aim even from bad angles. Kill the Savage Drones that
appear, then try to get under the snipers and hit them from below. Pick up
the sack of coins behind the middle turret nest. More grubs will appear to the
left by that turret nest. Once dead you can pick up flame grenades or the new
Retro Lancers, but stay back (to the right) as a door on the left will open
to reveal Grenadiers, a Butcher, and Boomers. Hopefully you can land a frag or
flame grenade on them, but just stay clear and play it safe as you don't want
any part of these guys up close.

You can test out the Incendiaries if you want, but I say just grab the
boomshots and keep your regular lancer. Past the gate you can saw open a box
in a container on the right for a bayonet on the ground. Ahead will be a 
Savage nest. Just approach from the right, clear immediate threats, and toss
a grenade in the turret nest, and maybe another to th enemies on the left.
There are frags to the left which leads to a ladder which leads to behind
the Locust, but that is more trouble than it's worth. Just wait until after
the fight, then go down that path to pick up the COG tag behind the tiny wall.
Grab ammo and move out. 

Tickers will be incoming from behind a turret nest, so kill the gunner and mow
down the Tickers as their explosions are too powerful to mess with. You can hit
the red explosive on the right to make a path to the bridge, but that's 
completely stupid as you'll get torn apart. Just go to the back and take the
ladders like everyone else and engage the Locust with your squad. Careful of
the Grenadiers as they like to mix it up close. Kill them and finish off the 
Boomer. Grab his shot if you need it and the ammo to the right before going
through the fence.

Follow the trail and take the ladder. The catwalk is a bit tougher. Going
through the catwalk will force you to hurry to save the other team as you will
pop up behind the Savage nest. While the lower deck team just needs to not be
terrible and hold the Locust fire for a time. If you go lower deck you should
clear both sides and go right to hide in front of the turret as backup arrives.
Mop up when your teams combine, then look left as two Locust will appear, so be
ready. Grab the ammo at both ends of the room if needed and take the door out.

After the scene, move up and be ready for a box of Tickers to drop. Then move
up and behind the box so you can get a clear sight on incoming. There are about
10-12 you need to take care up as you cautiously move up. There will be a few
at the back, then you can go around a shack on the left for ammo. 

Go up the ramp to face the mortar run. You have to use the containers for cover
from the bombs, but it's kind of difficult as you may not be able to clearly
tell which lane is being hit. Try to wait for your lane to get hit and be
ready to run. You want to make your way to the right as you can run up a side
path and flank the crew. They may try to hit you from the very end of this 
path, but they should miss. You can lob a frag or two on them, or even a 
boomshot as there is one nearby. 

When clear, get down there and grab a mortar. It's simple, you can either
shoot a random shoot from the hip, or you can set it down, hold the trigger,
watch as the power builds on the meter, and then let go to release or let it
reach the top for max distance. A gas barge will be incoming, so let it get in
somewhat close and shoot a max range mortar towards its front and you should
nail it - a boomshot may work too. 

Drop the mortar, pick up the boomshot if you need it, and head down into the 
dark road. Twice the tentacles will drop Polyps on you, so be ready. Around
the container in the road you should have a frag waiting for the Locust that
appear and don't let them rush you. Clear them out and go up the ladders.

Go around to the right to find a note. Move left for a scene. Go up the steps 
and there is a boomshot to the left if you need, as well as a longshot that 
you shouldn't need along the side path. Just take your full boomshot and run 
up. Hit the turret gunner on the right who appears, then the grubs that pop up.
There is one more up by a far turret nest, and try to kill him from range. Then
just run up to the Ticker box on the right and press X to end the act.