Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 5 – MVP

Move up for a scene. Take the upper path because why not? Move up and mow down
the two enemies on the walkway. Then go right into a storage area for ammo
and a note. Head to the top of the escalators to start hitting tangos down
below. Head down the escalators but not to the ground and finish off any Drones
before the Gunker shows up. You should able to stay up where you are and the
Gunker can't hit you. So get in the corner and just lob frags at him until he
blows up - use any spare boomshots left over from the last chapter. 

After the fight, drop your empty boomshot for a hammerburst and find any ammo
you can. There is a note and ammo box by a vending machine near the door ahead,
and take it to the locker room for a scene.

Just run forward, and then run forward again. Pick up the ring by a body up
ahead and go up to swap your burst for a boomshot. Open the door for a scene.

Stay low and don't worry about the first few levels as the enemies can't 
harm you. You'll see a red explosive in the middle of a window on the third
floor, so hit it. On the fourth floor you MUST hit the red explosive to kill
the Gunker or you will die.