Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 4 – Helping Hand

There are hats in the truck, and then move up and across the road to find ammo
and a longshot behind a truck to the right. Hopefully you still have the 
boomshot from the end of the last chapter, so move up and use it on the 
Gunker, the big Lambent who can toss imulsion bombs and whip out his razor 
arm if you get too close. The boomshot should mostly kill the first Gunker, but
you can hit it's "head" with normal arms. Once the first Gunker is down, turn
around and go grab the longshot and/or the frags if you used any. Use the 
sniper rifle on Drones so you can drop it for a hammerburst.

The stalk in the corner will drop another Gunker, but this time you won't have
your boomshots. It's risky to move in too close as a direct bomb will be hard
to avoid, but frags are the next best way to kill these beasts. You should toss
frags from as far back as you can, and always have a clear path to roll. If you
can, go left to pick up the boomshot in the alcove to use on the gunker or his
pals as you will get more boomshots soon. For the third stalk you can try to
hit the pods, but your team can mop it up.

Follow the nice lady all the way until you get full control back. Then go right
to find a newspaper in a container and a boomshot. A bit further up you will
find ammo stacks to the left; we're going boomshot/lancer. Head out to find the
ammo, then head down and hop over the sandbags for frags. Head past the gate
and go left to find a COG tag on the pier. 

When you move up, head to the raised area on the left and hit the nearest 
stalk's pods quickly; somewhat ignore the enemies. A Gunker will emerge from
the stalk further back and his bombs won't reach you at first, but soon he
will have you in range and you'll just have to always be in motion and know
where the sky is. You'll want to move back and clear the lesser enemies (watch
for another slithering head), and then use your boomshots on the big guy as
quickly as you can. Then hit the second stalk's pods before mopping up the
area. To the right you will find more boomshots in an alcove, and then go 
open the door.

Plenty of ammo and some boomshots in here if you need. Head up to the gate with
your boomshot in hand. After the scene, lay into the Gunker and strafe to the 
right. As he is blowing up, pull out your lancer and pop all the pods that you
see on both stalks. Deplete your boomshots on the second Gunker and just 
stay clear of his bombs. Grab the ammo or frags quickly before the chapter