Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 3 – Homecoming

There is a Hammerburst up by the barricade, and it's not bad to have. Head down
the road and look on the left for a gate to kick open to reveal a note and 
frags. Head up for a scene.

You have a Boltok and hammerburst on the left, crap on the right, and a hat for
Cole at the back of the truck. Head into the playground to see the Drudges'
extra arms. You could shoot those arms, or just hit the body to blow the
whole Drudge up. You want to also hit the pods on the stalks, the big things
sticking out of the ground. Go right and try to move up to flank the Drones so
you can clearly hit the pods on the Stalks. Mop up as another stalk appears, so
try to pop the pods quickly.

The gate opens, but climb on the playset for a note and feel free to try the 
slide. Lambent Wretches will be incoming, so take them out quickly. Down the
road is a Drudge, more Drones, and more Wretches. When you clear them out,
pick up the ammo and move up. There are frags on the right before you take
the fence.

Guns on ahead and when you reach the parking lot run left and up as the stalks
emerge. Pop the pods quickly and toss a frag to the Lambent. Kill the Drudge
and the Drones, then hit the next pods from afar if you can (a hammerburst 
would work nicely too). You should only have a Drudge, a Wretch, and a few
Drones from the second stalk. Clear them out and head around to the door; there
are frags to the left if you need them.

Use the lancer to clear the crates in the corner to reveal ammo. Saw the boards
to enter the store. There are frags in the first booth and a lancer in the 
second (save if you are nearly full). When you move up the Polyps will be 
incoming, so quickly dispatch them and run up the middle aisle to engage the
Drudges and Drones from a tiny piece of cover. Kill any nearby Drones and then
toss a frag or two at the Drudges. Careful of the flamethrowing head that 
could spawn; which could also detach, so just ensure the Drudge is done falling
apart before moving on.

Head right to find a note and pick up the Boomshot (drop your hammerburst or
gnasher). Move up and you'll see two Drudges ahead, so use the boomshot on them
and remember to aim a little above the intended target point. Mop up the Drones
and it's your call to save some boomshots as there are three Drudges in the
next room. There is a longshot behind the counter you may also want to use
in your plans. 

When jumping into the next and final room on the grocery store, you need to
take out both Drudges to the left and right before they do much harm. Then you
want to take cove along the middle and from the left and right sides hit the
pods on the middle stalk. I say you should go up the left side to flank the
Drones, or you could double back to pick up that longshot; your call depending
on your ammo count. When the battle is over, grab ammo, and open the door.

Lancer and gnasher ammo in the side room, then open the next door. Saw open
the box on the left to reveal a lever to a mech loader. Use it to open the path
and pick up the crate of food. Hop out to investigate the room for a COG tag,
boomshot, ammo, and frags before you get in the loader.

You want to open the door to the left, but it's better to kick open the right
side door so you can kill the Drudges and friends before going out. Do that
and watch for one Drudge to morph into an extended torso form, to which you
can just hit the top or bottom part. Get back in the loader and open the left
door to move on. More Lambent will appear, so hop out and use the truck bed as
cover, and watch for a slithering Drudge head. Then a stalk will drop more
Lambent to your left, so get down and take better cover. Hit the stalk pods
if you can, but the bird in the air will help you mop up the last enemies.
Finish off the Drudge before using the loader to clear the path. Approach the
smoke to end the chapter.