Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 2 – Abandon Ship

Down the hall you have more Polyps. Move quickly so you can assist the guys 
in the kitchen. Go in and take cover as a few Polyps will drop in and Drudges
will appear. Feel free to use a frag or two. Once they are dead you can grab
the ammo in the corner, a frag, and there is ammo near the entrance in the hall

Head up and through the storeroom with ammo, and then hop over the barrier.
In the hangar you should take cover, blind fire the nearby enemies, and then
run up the left path so you can flank the incoming Drudges. Hopefully your
team can mop up the Lambent near them, and you should be able to blindfire 
all the enemies from the end of wall, or toss a frag or two as you have some
right there. Hop down for ammo and head to the next part. Get a frag ready and
spot the door up to the right. Move up with your frag sight on and toss it
right next to the door as soon as it opens to get the three Drones. Two more
will be up on the walkway, and then there is just one more in the control room.
Don't miss the lancers as you head up there to pull the lever.

You can hit the next three Drones from far away, and once they are dead be 
sure to grab the ammo crate as a scene will trigger soon. Just get with your
group and fend off the Polyps until the tentacle goes away. Then have a frag
ready for the Drones that emerge from a door on the left. There will be two
more in the next control room. In the side door you will find a Gorgon SMG,
which is a good replacement for the Snub, even if you don't use either. Don't
miss the frags in the corner before you go up to pull the lever.

Get ready for a Drudge and friends atop the lift. Plenty of supplies tucked to
the right, then turn the valve to advance on the next group of enemies. You
have to move up to see these guys, so feel free to use a gnasher and frags if
you want. Turn the valve at the end, then put out the fires with the 
extinguisher in front of you, and move up for a scene.

Proceed until you get rocked. Trade fire with the Drones, get to the right but
not around the corner, and wait for Polyps to appear. You should be as far away
from them as you can and have clear shots on them as they spawn. The Drones
who you didn't kill shouldn't bother you, but if you come under fire that 
usually means the danger is about to subside. There is ammo nearby and up ahead
by the next door.

Run after the scene. Open the door to the garage and pick up the book on the
left. Get in a Silverback and move up to kick open the gate. You can press A
to deploy cover and use rocket volleys. Try to aim for the Leviathan's eye, but
any damage is damage. Once chased away, be ready to tangle with some Polyps
and Drones, but the critters are more dangerous as they are harder to hit.
Hopefully your ground people are competent and will help. The big guy will
show up, so hit the eye until he goes away. One more round of minions, and then
burn the big bad once more to end the chapter.