Gears of War 3 Game Guide

Act One: Chapter 1 -  Anchored

Turn around and pick up the cash on the table behind you, then go into the hall
to meet a lady. Follow her to pick up a report in her room. Remember you have
quest helper if you press LB. You'll find Dom in the room up the hall on the
right. The third room has another report. Head up the steps to meet Jace. Then
up to meet Anya.

As you turn to head up to the deck a pack of Polyps will rush you. You don't
need to do much to kill these things, so firing from the hip works if you must
retreat. Quickly move up to sight the Polpys running down the steps and you 
will probably want to back up for them. There is a Hammerburst if you need, and
more up ahead, but the Lancer/Gnasher combo will work fine. 

Atop the steps you will meet a Drudge, so take cover and try to blindfire him,
which is to shoot over cover without aiming; not as hard as you may think. 
Then take cover to the left as Lambent Drones will appear, and you can have 
frag waiting for them. Clear them and then roadie run (hold A) up and to the
right to meet the Drudge as he lands - hold B to chainsaw him with a Lancer for
a cool kill. Find what ammo you can and go back toward the steps to find frags
in the corner. When ready, use the lever in the shack.

Move up quickly (not too far) and take cover as Lambent appear in the area.
Take the closest Drones as top priority before focusing on the Drudges; one is
on the walkway above. More Lambent appear as you move up, so just watch the
left or advance that way to flank the enemy. Feel free to use frags as there
are some to the left. When you move up about four more Drones will appear and
once they are gone you should hear the music stop to signal you are safe for 
now. Head into the left corner and look up to shoot down a COG tag from a body
and pick it up. There is plenty of ammo and Longshots if you are so bold as
you head up and to the room. The Longshot is a sniper rifle, and with one
round per reload it's a feast or famine weapon.

On the return trip back you should just lancer the enemies below you. When 
clear, head down, grab the ammo crate to the right, and a group of Lambent
will be incoming from the landing pad. This is a time to use the longshot, and
you could even go back up the steps if you want to. There is an ammo crate
near the helipad pit.

When you approach the pit, get ready for Drudges on the other side of it, so
have a frag ready (remember you can toss without aiming). Mop up the three 
Drones and two more will come up the steps around the corner. Head down and use
the extinguisher to put out two fires. In the room ou should shoot the first 
Drone and then quickly go in to saw apart the other before he can react to you.