Gears of War 3 Game Guide

* 2. Starter Tips ( TIPS222 )                                                 *

#1. Action reloading is the best advantage you can gain. When reloading try to
hit the tiny white part of the sliding bar. You reload instantly and have 
stronger ammo, regardless of gun. The bonus damage doesn't last long, so use
it when you got it.

#2. Reduce enemy LOS (line of sight). This means you must take cover, always.
This game is less about popping up and trading fire and more about letting
someone play decoy while others fire at the targets. Frags and blind-firing
are great ways to free yourself from cover. Always try to flank your enemies.

#3. If in trouble, turn, and sprint/roll to cover. In multiplayer, people will
be rolling and sprinting and hitting cover over and over.

#4. Enemies will close in on you, so don't stay idle for long. It's called 
being aggressive, and you have to be or you won't last long. 

#5. Use your grenades. They aren't all over, but no sense sitting on them.

#6. Don't rely on melee unless you have a lancer; any other melee probably
won't cut it (lol).

#7. The Hammerburst and Lancer make a great combo. The Longshot is feast or
famine depending on your accuracy; Boomshots are always good to pick up; 
shotguns are hard to use with success; Torque Bows are nice substitutes for
explosives. If your team is competent you could more easily swap out different
weapon tactics on the fly, but if you're carrying your team you won't have 
much room to for those stronger weapons with less ammo.

#8. An effective tactic seems to be get a few blindfire hits in, and then pop
up for concentrated fire. NPCs do a small stagger when initially hit, and
you can use that to start to pour on the lead if pinned down. Just inflict
damage and get kills.

#9. You can mark, or spot, enemies by clicking the LS while aiming. This helps
a bit in multiplayer and provides a bit more XP.

#10. If you have a shotgun and are within inches of an enemy, you don't have to
aim to ensure a kill, you can just press the shoot button to shoot from the 
hip. You will see this used against you in multiplayer, a lot. If you can 
master how to blindfire a gnasher, you could effectively run the story on
hardcore mode without much trouble to be honest.

#11. You can run into doors and you will automatically kick them open.

#12. You can press BACK to skip a cutscene, but only do so on other plays as
the scenes are worth watching.