Calling Walkthrough

The Mnemonic Abyss Makoto

Geek Room
Makoto wakes up in the Geek Room and a cut scene will occur. He will receive Sadao's Notebook 1. Move the pillow to acquire the cell phone. Enter the name Mako in the computer for the password. (One of the Anime characters on the wall) Scroll through the text and get a phone number. Dial the number (997-684-771) which you can access from the notepad by pressing the (C) button. You will be teleported to the Beauty Salon.

Beauty Salon
A brief cut scene will appear. Turn on light and a mannequin head will fall to the floor. Pick up Sadao's Memo 1 on the floor next to the head. Pick up cell phone on table. Go to the lockers and the first locker on the right pick up Drifters Memo 9. Exit the break room. Go to the end of the Salon and pick up key on the bottom of the square shelves. Go back to the break room and open the locked locker. Pick up the flashlight. Exit break room and see Sadao's ghost. Pick up Sadao's Notebook 2 from the couch. Examine the refrigerator and you receive an email of a picture of the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator's door and kneel down to pick up Sadao's Memo 2. It will have 2 numbers. Dial number 997-118-029 to be transported to the Hotel.

Go over to bed and pick up Hotel Memo with the code 369. Open TV cabinet to experience an event. Go to luggage and use the knobs to input the code 369. Use the left knob to go up numerically and the right knob to go down. Solve it by going all the way to 999 with the left knob and tapping the right knob to 369. Acquire the cell phone in the open luggage. Go to bathroom and draw back the shower curtains to acquire Sadao's Notebook 3. Force open the door and fight off a ghost. Go to area by window and record sound. Dial the number 997-494-582 to transport to the Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe
Pick up cell phone on the floor next to the save point. Obtain Sadao's Notebook 4 and get a message of a picture of the computer in the Geek Room. Turn around and record the sounds. After you've listened to the sounds you will see a ghost by the computer. Fight off the ghost and examine the computer screen scrolling to the bottom of the text chat. Dial the Geek Cell Phone number 997-916-785 to transport back to the Geek Room.

Geek Room
Log into the computer with the password: MAKO. Scroll down to bottom of text to receive a new number. Dial the number 997-657-281 and transport to the school.

School 4th floor
After a brief cut scene a schoolgirl ghost steals your notepad with the numbers. Grab cell phone on the counter. Force open stall door to experience event. Exit bathroom to get a message. Take the stairs down to the 3rd floor

3rd floor
Go down hallway to a brief cut scene of 3 ghosts chasing shin. Take the stairs to the 2nd floor.

2nd floor
SAVE GAME NOW and proceed to the Art Room. Find Sadao's Notebook 5 near busts on counter, and a cut scene will appear.

At this point you have the option to replay The Awakening and The Possession chapters or skip them. Replaying them will allow you to explore further and acquire items that will unlock secrets. Refer to the previous chapters.