Dead Space 2 Review

Isaac can grapple enemy claws and launch them at enemies for instant kills most of the time. Enemies will actually be impaled to a wall or floor. Like in the first game, kinesis and stasis are still used in a variety of puzzles as well. There are several hacking puzzles spread throughout the Sprawl - they consist of timed color match-ups with the left analog followed by a button tap when the cursor turns blue instead of red.

A few rooms around the Sprawl have decompression doors in them that Isaac can shoot while enemies are in the room. Once a decompression door is shot, all objects and enemies in the room will be sucked out into space. A player will have to target and shoot a red button up above each decompression door to make a shutter fall and seal off the hull breach.

Zero gravity (Zero-g) areas have undergone a major change in Dead Space 2. In Dead Space 2, a player can hover in zero gravity by using air tubes that shoot out air from Isaac's suit. A player has full control over Isaac's movement in all portions of a zero gravity area this time around and is no longer limited to just zero-g jumps like in the first game. The zero-g enhancements made each zero-g room a complete pleasure to enter every time that I came across one. The overall movement in a zero-g room is so much more fun now.

Some rooms still have no oxygen just like in the original Dead Space. Isaac will have to move toward an oxygen device to refill his oxygen supply. There is one area where he must travel outside of the ship and can freely move around in zero gravity and must constantly find oxygen devices to replenish his air while trying to solve a puzzle.

Dead Space 2 has all of the necromorph variety that was in the original Dead Space and it also has several new necromorphs. There is one new necromorph later in the game - the Hunter - that really increases the difficulty of the later levels. New necromorphs such as Packs, Stalkers and Pukers all have unique designs just like the original necromorphs. Each enemy has a weakness that a player must find and exploit in order to finish off the enemy. Dead Space 2 has much more variety in its enemy setup when compared to Dead Space 1. I never truly felt that an enemy was repeated too often in Dead Space 2 since there was such a constant variety of enemies that would appear.