Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 14 - One Card Left to Play		014

Itís hard to say how is best to go about this as you have basically no cover
and lots of enemies all over you. I guess start from left to right on the
ground, go bullet time when you pass through the detector on the conveyor belt,
and use the walkway above to shield yourself from the top guys. Still on the
belt, try a bullet dodge backward and pick off a few of them above while 
falling off the belt. When clear go to the end of the belt to find a golden gun
piece. Grab any guns you like because a laser sight gun is better than nothing.
Go up the steps and there will be a ton more to spawn on the upper walkways
all around. It should be much easier to use the standard pop up and bullet time
method of killing the rest. Grab ammo, a PK in the control room, and take the 
right side door to find a gun piece before leaving through the red doors.

In the hall you have three guys in the first leg, and then two around the 
corner. Grab the PK in the room before moving up into the right bathroom
where youíll find a PK in the lockers, a golden gun piece in the shower, and
the tourist in the stall. Move on and grab the two PKs in the next restroom.

Cue the cool music. Just use the standard method of killing to clear both sides
so you can make a break to the right. Move up the columns and and more guys
will be on the right, so clear them before moving left toward the escalator
to clear the guys on the upper level. Pick off targets below and make your way
left and go back to the end of the path for a gun piece. Hopefully the rest of
the baddies below fled to the back and you should be able to pick them off from
a distance. There is a PK by the closed gate on the right of the escalators.
Stay on the upper level and move down the right side as a big group will spawn
at the steps at the end, so take cover behind the glass display (I know
right?!) and then run out in slow-mo to mow them down, from their legs if you 
must - resist the urge to leap over the rail for a bullet dodge, though I 
would not be surprised if it works. When clear load up on ammo and go down.
Look for the waiting area on the left on the ground to find a golden gun piece
and two PKs behind the counter. 

When ready, push the button on the wall and be ready to come out with either a
bullet dodge or slow-mo - probably slow-mo. Two more enemies will come up
the escalator, then grab the PK on the left before moving down the escalators
to face two more - a bullet dodge here will hurt, but feel free. Run down and 
take cover behind a column as the lights go out and enemies zero in on you.
Clear the sides and watch out for the guy in the right tram. Move up slowly as
you clear the enemies in front and in the room ahead. Grab some ammo, grab the
PK inside, and restore the power. Youíll come under heavy fire like in the
police station, so stay behind cover and use blind fire only when they are too
close for comfort. Watch your left and use bullet time to quickly lower their
numbers. When all is clear grab some ammo and go into the left tram.

Youíll be under fire and whoever you donít kill in the first pass will make 
their way to the back car (no point in you moving), so use blind fire if you
must and bullet time to pop heads. Once clear more will join your tram, but
this time the smoke is easy to shoot through because itís such a narrow 
space that you should kill a few or weaken them through the smoke cloud. 
When the smoke clear finish them off. After the scene just kill these last
three and youíre home free. DO NOT exit the tram. Grab a rifle, the three
PKs, and move to the back for the last golden gun piece before exiting.

All I can say is that the top priority is to save some bullet time for the
grenades. I believe you can take one, but the second will always kill you.
You want to start by hitting the first one, then immediately go bullet time
to mow down a few guys from right to left. Stay behind the cover and move left
as more enemies pour in. From the left end, which has a PK, you can keep eye 
for grenades and react with bullet time, so never use up all of it. Itís 
actually a little easier to pop out of cover and pour lead into cops without
using bullet time - donít ask me, but aside from their extra durable heads
they also seem to share your bullet time and dodge bullets on their own. So
down targets, until all are dead and then you just hit a grenade in mid-air
during the scene. You can then choose to or not to squeeze the trigger - to die
in 1 second or 5, what a decision...

Aim high - that is about all I can tell you. Hit the enemies on the right and
then any trucks you see. You can mostly ignore the cop cars, but hitting them
is best. When you are down the runway with the APC blast the trucks first, then
tag it a few times. When zeroing in on the plane feel free to wait for you to
pull up to its side for an easy shot to end the game.