Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 13 - A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper		013

Quickly kill the first guy, then be ready for two more to come out - not as 
geared as most enemies youíve faced lately. Move up and a scene rolls. Go in
the office for PKs and move down the hall to find a gun piece to the left. 
Up the hall you can let the guys die to avoid fighting, then go into the side
shower for a gun piece. Move up and at the next hall go right to kill four 
cops around the corner, then go back to meet the tourist at the cell at the
end. Then head down the path and there is a PK in the cell on the right before
you go through the door.

You need to kill any on your sides, and from then on continue watching both
sides for anyone charging. Clear them out and go into the corner office behind
you for a PK. Enter the room at the end and look at the laptop before pushing
the button on the wall. Move out and youíll be under deadly fire from the 
APC. You need to wait for it to stop shooting and quickly hop over the cover,
grab the RPG, and take cover again. Use bullet time to line up a shot and fire.
If you miss there is another behind the cop car, though it is terrible cover.
When you kill the APC the gate below will open and about eight or so cops will
come out; I say the cover to the left is best, or even backing up. Finish them
off, grab a rifle, and there will be one cop who kills the guy who runs out the
door to the right when you move up. Grab the golden gun piece in the corner 
before moving on.

In the alley kill the three to the left, then go right for a gun piece. Inside
go left for a PK, and around the corner will be three cops and then two more
will run in. In the womenís restroom you will find a PK, and in the menís you
will find a golden gun piece. Through the door I say run or dodge into the left
room, grab the golden gun piece while in cover since it is right there, and
then slow-mo or dodge out to the right or front to kill the other two cops. 
Grab the gun piece in the left room if you didnít, then go into the right room
for a note on a desk. Through the next door are two cops, then go left and
right for two golden gun pieces and one PK. Make sure you have all the ammo in
here before going into the security room. After the scene try to unload on them
before they scatter, but donít stay up too long. Go left and grab the PK, and
now is a good of time as any to remind of you blind fire from cover where you
donít have to pop up. The downside is that you may run out of ammo quickly, so
keep track of your bullet time and use it at any chance. Be sure to use blind
fire if they get too close. After the fight grab a shotgun because the SMGís
laser sight makes it fairly useless for some strange reason. Then take the

Use your handgun on the guy who pops out as you exit the elevator, then grab
the PK in the left room. Pass through the doors and go slow-mo as you mow down 
cops from left to right. Switch to dual pistols when out of shells and take
out the rest that appear, mostly to the right. A heavy will show up, so blast
his helmet off to kill him. Up ahead is a laptop in the office with a PK,
and the middle right room has a book, and through the door will be a slidshow
you can flip through. 

In the dark room ahead open up on the first cop, then move up to the shelf for
cover as you mow down the rest. When you move up a few more will appear on the
right. When clear go back to find a PK in a room, and just be sure to load up
on handgun ammo because youíre about to lose your big gun. Up the steps you
will need to quickly run up and shoot a vent cover and then hop up. After the 
short scene be ready to shoot a guy in the head. Feel free to watch the TV. 

In the lab be ready for a bunch of guys to appear in your face, so use bullet
time right off and mow the ones down on the right before they settle in. If 
you have dual handguns I say do not grab a SMG. Move forward and in the 
scene you will be in a moving shooting gallery. Mow them down and when you
stop post up on a column and take out the ones that appear on the balcony
sides. When they are dead grab the ammo cache on the bench and try to move
into the barred room before the next cops move in. Clear them out, grab the
PK, grab a shotgun and refill at the ammo cache, and move into the next room
where you can pick up a flak jacket on the rack. Push the button to open the

Grab the PK in the small room before you enter the training area. The key at
this first fight is to almost cross by the doorway, but then to go back to the
cover of the doorway to kill the guy on the platform above. Then blast the four
around the corner. More will be around the next corner, including two guys up
above. Mow them all down from cover and there will be one last guy to run out
of the exit door. Grab the PK and in the shooting range (literally a shooting
gallery) take cover behind the sandbags and use slow-mo to start picking off
targets from right to left. As the battle ends itís up to you to spare the last
guy who runs in and immediately surrenders. Grab the golden gun piece on the 
other side of the sandbags, grab a shotgun, and kill the last enemy around the
corner ahead. Pick up the two PKs before moving on.

Move up and after the scene I say run forward and bullet dodge into the two
charging enemies before they get on you, then get up and retreat to a small
room with a PK. From there just watch the steps and pick off enemies. Hop over
and the railing is actually decent cover so that you can finish off the ground
targets. After the scene blind fire the two on the ground and then roll and run
forward to be under the boss guy. The left room has tons of ammo and the right
room has a PK. What you do here is shoot the ceiling tiles above him on the
right. When the light falls he will move to the left and two more guards will 
appear on the left ground. Kill them and then shoot the air duct thing until it
crashes and he will be exposed. Then just go slow-mo and walk out to shoot his
little head.