Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 12 - The Great American Savior of the Poor	012

Move up until you see a scene, then look at the gurney. Past the next door go
left for a PK and ammo crate. Proceed until you come out of the scene, then
post up behind the doorway and open up on the two before they move toward you.
Then take out their two buddies who appear. Grab a rifle and resist the urge
to use the grenade launcher unless you really know how to use it. Grab the 
golden gun piece in the ruined bathroom. The first guy you see around the 
corner will run away if you let him. In the next area will be about ten guys in
a small room, the last few of which will stay hidden until you move up. When
you do move up go left and along the walkway. Reload and use the button to open
the gate ahead.

Take cover and immediately go slow-mo to take out the charging enemy and his
friends. There will be three deeper down the right rooms, and one down the left
hall. You want to go down the left hall just to get the golden gun near the
barrier, then move down the right room fighting the bad guys. You have to drop
down into the pit, and then two guys will run into screen so use slow-mo on
them. Hop up and go right to find two clues in the room, and one enemy will
pop out to your right as you come back out. Take the small cover in the hall
as there are three more, so use slow-mo and either kill them or pop the gas 
tanks behind them since you need to open the path anyway. Go down the hall for
a PK before moving through the hole you just blew.

Up the stairs, one of the side rooms has a golden gun piece. Move on and after
the scene you will need to grab the gun next to you and use it to mow down the
three nearest enemies, then the three farther in the distance. Go right for a
gun piece behind the counter, and quickly move up to grab a different rifle for
the two enemies who appear. Move up and on the court be ready to bullet dodge
to the side as three enemies pop out of the door in the upper left corner. Then
move to the solid cover at the end of the fence to face the ten or so enemies
waiting down the way. Move up from cover to cover until you reach the solid
cover at the doorway which should be where you finish them off. Refill on ammo,
grab the PK behind the bar, and read the newspaper on the counter. Feel free to
play the piano before moving on. 

After the scene move up the right side and you will find a gun piece behind the
chair. At the end and after the scene go back into the room for ammo and a 
receipt clue. Then plant C4 on each of the red columns, and six enemies will
come out from where you entered the floor. Kill them and plant the third
charge. Run up the ramp and you’ll be given a sniper rifle. Try to pop up and
then use bullet time so as to not waste a second or two of it, and your aim
will probably move to the side of your target; so take the moment or two to
adjust before squeezing off a shot. Kill the two laser snipers first, then
mow down the other three.

Drop the rifle for your other gun and be ready for five enemies to be waiting
to the left as you go through the gate, so move to the right. There will also
be three to follow from where you came from, so don’t let them surprise you. 
Once clear plant a charge on the first column. Five enemies will appear in
front of you, so back up or stay to the cover to the left to take them out.
After the fight, turn around and find the golden gun piece in the back corner,
then plant the fifth and sixth charges. 

*NOTE: If the sound cuts off or something like that, I say just reload or 
restart the machine because it will most likely freeze during loading. And
if the sound cuts off you wouldn’t want to watch the scenes in silence.*

Switch to your rifle after the scene and shoot the guy on the left and he
should be blown up in an explosion. Then just start picking off the targets
above as well as the one ahead on the ground. Move up and one guy will run in 
front of you. Around the corner do a bullet dodge out to kill the two up the
steps. One will run right to left behind the fence, and when you move up three
enemies will appear on the roof, so after you see the door blow up, turn around
and take cover for them. Then a heavy infantryman will show up on the roof
behind you. About all I can say is that you need cover and you need to use
bursts of bullet time and shots to stay alive. So shoot in slow-mo at his head
and retreat and cancel slow-mo as you reload. Now you want to kill him quickly
because if you take too long you will fail. It seems like he has a “sweet” spot
like somewhere low to the left for an instant kill; could be the goggles and it
could just be a “reward” for a few failures...