Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 11 - Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas and Greed	011

Kill the first two soldiers, then move up to one of the doorways on the left
to kill some guys in the kitchen. Bullet dodge or slow-mo to move up for better
line of fire. After the fight, go back and grab the PK, note, and look at 
Passosí bed in the rooms, including a second PK in your room. Move to the 
back right room on the kitchen for a golden gun piece. Move into the next
room for a scene.

Move up again for another and you will come out of it in mid peril, so use
slow-mo and pick them off and a fourth one will run in. After the explosion
look left for a valve on one of the machines, then go get the one on the 
right. Just behind the door are two enemies, so move up a little and let them
come out first. As the door opens ahead look at the blood on the ground by the
water. Go up the left steps and be ready for two pairs of enemies on the 
upper decks, so use the steps as cover. Up the right side is a gun piece, and 
in the room is a PK on the wall.

Through the door be ready to kill the three you see with slow-mo, then one
more who pops out from the left. Go up and look at the newspaper on the 
table and the broken wall. Move up to find a small room on the right where
there is a passport clue, and in the connected room there is a PK in the
bathroom. Up the hall in the next room are two guys behind the bed, and
one more at the end of the bathroom. Look at the jewelry box in the bedroom
and head out. 

When you see daylight be ready to kill one guy climbing aboard to the left and
two on the right. Up the steps will be a big fight, so use the steps for cover
and save bullet time for when you run up to kill the ones on the deck and 
in the room. When clear, grab ammo and move up to find a PK in the TV room. 
When you go out to cross a walkway there will be tons of tangos on your left,
and because you may run out of ammo, consider going back to get more bullets
because if you move forward you run into enemies on the top deck. Itís your
call, because when you clear the side enemies you will move up to fight the
well-equipped enemies on the top with little room to move; be sure to grab the
PK in the piano room before going up the steps, and make sure the side enemies
are dead. Run up the steps with bullet time, consider hiding in one of the
corners, and grab some ammo. Up the sliding door should be two enemies, and
then three final enemies past the last door. In the narrow room shoot the
painting on the left for a gun piece in a vault, and grab the two PKs on the
right before moving up to the control room.

Pick off the tangos above, and feel free to raid the truck if you need; if you
have that shotgun rifle thing itís very bad at long range and the rifle in the
truck is a long range weapon, though getting it without dying may be tricky. 
Once you pick off the first four, more will be above and a few will be on the
ground. After they are clear you will move up to kill two more, but double back
and grab a golden gun piece behind the truck in the corner and be sure to raid
both trucks now that all is clear. Grab the PK on the right in the tower, and 
up the steps will be two enemies waiting.
Youíll be zipping over, so hit the four you can easily see, and then the one
who is just behind them on some steps and whose head you can probably only see.
When you land quickly kill the guys in front and the one further behind the
door, and then go right to kill one on the side - watch out not to fall off
the side into the water. To right at the outside corner of the building is a 
gun piece, in the right room are two PKs, and in the front desk is a PK by
the button. Up the steps will be a guy waiting, and four more will be in the
room. When clear come back out and find the gun piece down the right side
half steps. Up the next steps will be another guy, then go right for a PK. 
Move up and there will be an enemy in front in the display room and two more
to the left. Hopefully you can look at the display and the game isnít glitched
where there is a phantom enemy on you. If so, move up to kill what should be 
the last enemy across the walkway, and then go up to the room. A phantom enemy
may shoot at you, but hopefully you can go back down and examine the display in
the room below (the camo room). If not then I guess just move forward to end
the level.