Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 10 - It’s Drive or Shoot Sister		010

Open up with a bullet time soon as the level starts and after the first three
are down there will be more that enter and spread out from left to right. Just
kill one at a time and a scene plays. Quickly just move right to look out the
window and pick off the two horribly-inaccurate snipers. Grab a shotgun and
move up to the right to find a golden gun piece in a bus with no top or back.
Move around the left bus to find Giovanna.

As soon as you have control after the scene look up and to the right and pop
down the sniper before he can get into position, then run forward and go bullet
time and possibly use your pistol to kill the three in the building, then try
to bullet dodge into the building as you pop a few enemies to the right. Only
hit the gas pumps for explosions if you are inside the building, otherwise the
blasts will most likely kill you. From the building you can finish off anyone
who is left. After the fight look at the newspaper on the counter, grab the PK,
grab a rifle if you want, and go get Giovanna. After the scene you will be
dropping, so use aim-assist to kill as many as you can to reduce the gun fight

Go right for a golden gun piece and then push the button on the left to enter
the next room. You will come under fire, so immediately go slow-mo and pop up
to kill the guys nearest, making sure you get the shotgun guy on the left, and
then clear the rest on the right. Giovanna will come under attack, so kill her
two enemies before finishing off the last three on the floor to the left.
After the fight to the back corner for a gun piece on a work table, grab the PK
in the room, and go up the stairs. In the next room just take cover and watch
out for the pesky enemies directly below you; be patient and let them try to 
come up the steps. Grab ammo and the golden gun piece in the bus.

After the scene, next to Giovanna is a bathroom with a PK. Go up and try to
kill the first two on the right without bullet time, then use it as you move up
to engage those in the middle and any further back. Watch for the ones that are
behind the wall, so try a bullet dodge out to the right. When clear go grab the
PK and gun piece in the corner office. Before you go down the steps just know
there is one guy waiting, so feel free to use a dodge in the small half-way
point down the steps from right to left. Look at the poster on the wall and
grab the golden gun piece in the room before using the switch. Get ready to 
pull a quick trigger during the scene. 

All you need to do is keep pressing aim and fire and your aim-assist should
help a ton getting you hits; if not kills at least staggering enemies long
enough for you to get out of range. Around the first corner hit the gas pumps,
and just keep hitting anything in front of you, not getting caught up trying
to kill targets too far behind. At the end of the tunnel you will need to 
either quickly kill the RPG holder or the rocket he shoots. The level ends with
a massive gun fight, and you’ll need to hit at least two explosives in mid-air
or you’re toast. Blow up cars, lay into targets, and use all the slow-mo you
got. Just stay behind cover and use your ample painkillers to be the last man