Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 9 - Here I Was Again, Half Way Down the World	009

Down the steps is a gun and PK on the right, and further ahead will be a PK
in the room where you can see some dead bodies for a clue. Go out and down the
steps and look under the stairs for a nice rifle. Trust me when I say you wonít
fire a shot for many cutscenes. After the one where you see the cops kill a 
bunch of people go slow-mo and kill the one coming up behind you and move 
toward him to kill another down the steps, then kill the other on the balcony.
Down the steps be ready for two more to run out from the alleyway. Pick up the
gun piece in a doorway nearby, and around the corner will be two more cops.

Look at the dead cop ahead you didnít kill for a clue. In the house ahead look
for a gun piece in the bathroom with a PK. Go out and youíll engage the fuzz
across the street when you go down and enter a room; watch out for frags. Hop
out of the window and there will be two more ahead to the right in and on top
of the building (check the gate on the right if it opens to a PK). When you
move forward a scene pops where you hit two enemies, then use aim-assist to
hit the rocket in mid-air.

Go down the steps and look left for a golden gun piece, then move up and slay
three enemies, then look at the body of the guy they just killed. Move up and
after the scene there is a gun piece to the right behind the tires in the 
weeds and then another around the wall to the just behind where you found that
piece. Move up and there will be a quick scene where you just move to the 

On the other side immediately go bullet time and kill the two on the bridge,
then pop out and take out the rest as they appear. Grab a rifle and cross over
to find a gun piece behind the gate on the right side wall. Go down the path
and four guys will jump you; two on the ground, one more, and one up above.
Move up and a long scene will play. When you rush in be ready to hit four 
buttons; block, disarm, kick, strike.