Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 8 - Ainít No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise	008

You start with three quick kills, so either bullet dodge or slow-mo as the 
level starts. Grab their guns for dual pistols and move up to face about eight
or so more. After the scene be ready for an aim-assist kill of the driver. Then
use your slow-mo to kill the guy with the grenade launcher up the middle. Mow
down the enemies that appear atop the steps and go to the right to find a gun
piece. Go up the steps and grab the guns, and though itís tempting for sure to
use the grenade launcher I can tell you right now itís more trouble than itís 
worth and could very well get you killed. Just dual-wield and go up from the 
right side to clear out the upper cemetery. A scene tells you itís clear.

After the scene go right and look at the spire tombstone. Move out and after
the scene just mow down a few in real time, then go slow-mo and move right to
clear some more, and then dodge to the side to clear some more. Finish them
all off and grab a shotgun, then go right behind a statue for a gun piece. 
Through the doorway will come a goon, then about five more will be waiting on
the other side, so feel free to run in and move left or right. To the right
will be a golden gun piece in the corner. Move up and to the left before you
get too close to the gate are two PKs in a cabinet.

After the scene go slow-mo to ensure to kill of the middle guido, then 
go slow-mo and carve a path to the right for some cover, or if you are brave
you can carve to the left through the thick of them. Either way the shotgun 
will work well enough at range, so just circle the place until all are dead.
Grab the golden gun piece on the ground in the middle, and what should be to
the left will be a tomb for Horne to look at. Ahead you will be under sniper
fire, so run out when Passos provides covering fire to a tombstone on the
left (maybe right will work too). Wait as the sniper will focus on you again
and thugs pour out. Donít pop out to kill them, let Passo create another
distraction and then mow them down; will probably take two exchanges. Move
up again when clear to the left where the sniper wonít get you and try to
quickly kill him before taking care of the second wave of goons.

Press hit during the scene. You could immediately bullet dodge to the right as
a goon will come right up in front of you. Donít use his shotgun on the rest of
the baddies up ahead, one who is behind the gate to the right. Clear them out,
feel free to now grab the shotgun, and go up to the area directly in front of
where you were digging to find a shiny tombstone to look at. Past the gate go
left to find a gun piece and PK in the shack. Go to the morgue and be ready for
about four initial baddies and one more at the back. There is a PK in a side
room on the right and another in the holding room on the left. 

After the scene quickly move right and grab the golden gun piece on the floor.
Then mow down the ground guidos until there is only the one up above. Run up
and blast him from behind, then quickly grab his super gun and mow down the
goons who charge after Passos - use bullet time. Watch the lower right and the
level will end.