Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 7 - A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature	007

After the party and after the table scene, up the street on the left will be
the ex-cop in a building. Go into the strip club and after a long scene you
will be in slow-mo and will be able to kill the first three, the barkeep, and
then more that pour in - try not to kill the lovely ladies. Feel free to take
the barkeepís sawed-off shotgun, as it can be dual-wielded. There is a PK 
behind the bar, and then go to the bathroom at the back for a golden gun
piece. There should be two more enemies in the back rooms, a PK in one, a 
lovely lady who I would bet you will spend at least 10 seconds looking at, and
there is a tourist under the bed in the other room. Then go out and hop over
into the canal.

When you move up be ready for two guys up above you at the corner. In the open
area quickly take out the first three, another up the steps, another up in 
between the buildings to the right, a few more on the roofs when you reach a 
ďpitĒ area, and when you jump down a few will spawn above you to the right.
Feel free to grab an AK even though ammo is scarce. Get out of the pit and 
two will be to the right, two more will pop up above when you move a little,
and two more will separately burst out and charge you as you move up. Before
you leave the pit in the dust, there is a med by a table above it. 

Move up through the door and look at the graffiti on the wall before going
through the locked door. Youíll then need to wipe the guys on the floor, kill a
few on your right as you go up, and then try all the ones on the level you
stop on. Go slow-mo to finish them off and grab an AK since you lost your old
one. Clear the opposite side of the factory, and when you get into the shack
quickly grab the PKs on the shelf before posting up beside the window as a 
lot of bad men will be shooting through the windows. Be patient and clear them
out. When ready, be prepared for one or two as you go out the door. A few more
baddies will be opposite, and when you go down the steps be ready for any you
didnít kill on the ride up. A few more should be covering the steps, a few more
will run out of the doorway atop the steps, and then two final dudes will be
down the hall. Before you leave be sure to grab the golden gun piece by the
doorway the dudes ran out of, and then get the two PKs in a little room in the

Head and and move through the trainyard. Grab the PK on the table, the
golden gun piece up to the right on the ground, and then look at the spray on
the wall at the corner. Walk up the path and when you see the guy shoot a flare
you should drop off the steps to the right for a golden gun piece. And just
around the corner is a shrine to Claudio. Up the steps and around the corner
will be three enemies waiting, so go slow-mo and take cover. Move up and 
watch to the left as one more guy will be waiting in a half-room. Grab the PK
by his corpse before moving on. There is a flyer on the ground around the

Through the door be ready for one guy in front of you and then two in the
room on the left. When you go out there will be one to burst out of the door
in front of you, and down the narrow path be ready for one to pop out on the
left. Through the next door there will be two guys above you to the right. 
When you reach the open and see the flare, post up on the corner to the right
as enemies will appear all over. Always go high to low, and donít miss the ones
to the right; you may need to bullet dodge out for them. When you drop down 
three more will appear on the house. And when you go in the house be ready to 
blast a final enemy. There is just a single PK in here before you move on.

In the next house go slow-mo and clear from left to right, and be ready for 
a charging homie. When clear go to the right for a clue and PK. Once outside
look at the graffiti in front of you. Move up until you hit a scene and when
you have control switch back to your AK if you have it and go slow-mo to
quickly kill anything up to your right so you stop the molotovs because the
second or third one will land on you; you could shoot it out of the air. Then 
clear the left side. When you move to the right be ready for two enemies on the
building across the gap, but donít leave without grabbing the golden gun piece
under the tree. Around the corner just use bullet time and quick headshots to 
clear enemies to the right, far ahead, and one near to your left. A few should
be on the roof to the right. Move up and as you cross be ready for molotovs to
fly from the left so take cover and mow down the baddies before more fire
drops. Grab the PK on the table and move up where you have to pop an RPG in
a dudeís face. Drop down and head up.