Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 6 - A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk		006

As soon as you are in control go into bullet time and pop anything nearby as
you head for the cover in front of you. Clear your right, then the left, and
use a few bullet dodges to finish off the group. As the dork moves up, go 
right for an email and file clue on the desks. And in the left office will be
a gun piece. Move up and through the door you will start with another gun
fight, so slow time and use a few bullet dodges. Look at the model on the left
before going out.

Start shooting at the first guys, then go bullet time to clear the rest. Be
sure to check your sides and go to a side so you canít be flanked. After the 
scene you be right in the middle of a much tougher fight with about ten bad
guys bearing down on you. If you can, go slow-mo and make your way to the left,
where you fought off the last group. Itís not solid cover, but at least from
there you can have one of your sides clear of enemies. Try to pick up one of
their guns as you move clockwise around the room to clear them all out - use
lots of bullet dodges. When clear, grab the three PKs and check in the server
corner before going to dork to turn on the server.

Head down and after the scene, turn around for a golden gun piece. Down the
hall you will find a PK in the bathroom on the right, and on the adjacent 
wall down the hallway you will find a picture clue. After the scene you need
to at least hit the driver on the right, and then youíll keep going to hit the
goons who pour in through the door. Kill as many as you can, and come out of
cover in slow-mo and make your way back to the right where there is more
solid cover. Once you clear the pack another group comes in with a heavy. Kill
his minions before pouring bullets into his head to make his helmet come off
for a killshot.

After the fight, break a case on the right for a gun piece in a display. Go for
the elevator in the corner and after the long scene just move forward and up
the stairs. Disarm the guy and then look at the corpse ahead. Go slow-mo to
kill the two who are up ahead - one in the middle and the other on the left. 
Just keep pushing forward and youíll come upon three more enemies to kill.
Push the cabinet out of the way and keep on to end the level.