Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 5 - Alive if Not Exactly Well		005

Move up to examine the helicopter behind the fence. Hop over the wall, bust the
lock on the door up ahead, and hop out to the ground. After the next scene you
should just kill the first two, then go to the back of the boat as three more
thugs will appear, and then go bullet time to clear them. Move up and into the
next building, and after the scene quickly kill the first two on the right,
then the two on the left, and then one more. Grab the PK and ransom note before
heading outside, where immediately you will need to mow down three baddies in
front of you and then two more to the right. Go right and hop up to find a gun
piece atop some crate and watch for the goon below you when you grab it. Best
to hop down from there as you await a charging enemy.

Move up to face more at each turn, so have the bullet time and dodges ready
to go. In the opening with the forklift you need patience as a handful of guys
will pop up all around until you get the kill that kills the music. You should
be low or out of handgun/SMG ammo, so grab an AK and ammo before moving into
the next building. You can watch some TV and then look at the video camera for
a clue. Go out and to the right for a gun piece, then go left and up for a 
scene. After you canít move or do anything but pop out, hit a skull, and then
you will falling in slow-mo, so sweep right to left and kill as many as you
can. Take cover behind the box and go slow-mo to kill any on your sides before
handling the rest who came into the garage. After the fight, go up the steps to
find a gun piece, then enter the corner room for a photo clue. Push the button
by the window and grab the meds on behind you on the way out.

*NOTE: Feel free to pop any explosive tanks you see, like on the back of the
forklift ahead.*

As you approach the building ahead, two enemies will pop out so be ready.
Inside there will be some above and below, so work quickly to clear them out as
there isnít much good cover unless you go back outside. Once clear, go into the
corner for a newspaper clue. Enter the room behind you for a blueprint clue and
grab the meds. Then go out and take the left path to find a golden gun piece in
some trash. Go back and take the upper walkway, and when you see the drop-down
point a baddie will appear, so take him out and hop down and quickly take cover
on the wall. Watch for grenade indicators and run to the other side or donít
pop out of cover if you see one. There are tons of enemies out in the open and
they will slowly move in on you, so just hang tight and slowly take them out.
When clear, go out and collect ammo.

*NOTE: I donít care for the 20 clip rifle, and the AK is very inaccurate at
range, so I would go back to dual-guns ASAP.*

*NOTE: You have to be careful on the docks not to fall into the water, or at
least not to bullet dodge into the water.*

Through the gate there is a gun piece directly in front of you in shed. Grab
the meds in the mobile home before going up to call the bridge. Go over and
kill the first guy that pops up to the left, then get ready for a boat to 
speed out to your left; aim for the driver and the boat should crash so you
donít have to waste ammo. Move up and a bunch of enemies will spawn at the
boat across the gap, so take cover on the left and trade slow-mo fire with
them. When clear, go up and around to find a gun piece on the left. Then just
follow the path to the right through a swinging door where two guys will run
out, then more, and a boat will speed by. Just fight your way up the path,
knowing enemies are waiting all around you. The final push will have a boat
on the left and a final line of enemies leading to the end of the dock.

*NOTE: You can hold the trigger while on the boat, but it will overheat if
you do for too long. Aim-assist will be a great ally here.*

Now you are on the turret as you chase after the boat. Hit the first pairs
of boats that are behind you, and then you will be hitting molotovs out of
mid-air as you are behind the two big boats. You donít need bullet time to
hit those, you can just use the aim-assist and immediately fire to hit them,
so itís almost best to not be aiming and wait until you see a burning bottle 
fling into the air. There will be a few enemies on the back boat, but you donít
need to worry about them too much. At some point enemies will be on bridges,
and then youíll be on a shooting gallery with tangos on the left. The second
grenade you can hit out of the air. Youíll then switch to the right where you
can hit a few gas tanks, and then hit a big gas tank at the gas station.

Then you will have to hit a few trucks on the right, so use aim-assist and aim
for drivers and/or tires. After the scene youíll have a long segment where 
boats will come from the sides behind you, so donít be shy about the slow-mo.
After the next scene you will be beside the main boats again, so clear the
back one and then clear the smaller boats behind it. After the next scene you
will be falling and firing. DO NOT aim for the middle and back or you may hit
Fabiana. In fact, since you canít kill them all you may as well skip the middle
or lower two guys and clear the rest. And that will be it.