Max Payne 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 4 - Anyone Can Buy Me a Drink		004

*NOTE: Remember that bullet time and bullet dodging have separate
cooldowns. So you can bullet dodge even without juice in your slow-mo

You will start with a shot, so take it. Then just calmly dispatch the rest
of the guido gang, including a last one up on the second level. After the 
fight, turn around and grab the gun piece in the corner. Then go up the steps
for another piece in a doorway. Come down and head to the basement where
three and more enemies will be waiting, so go into slow mo and start popping
heads. Then run up and go slow-mo into the back area where three or four more
will be waiting. 

Out the door and after the scene you have to pop up, hit the guy with the 
shotgun on the left first, and then bullet dodge to the right and kill almost
everyone around the car. Quickly get up and take cover behind the car and
finish off the rest of the goons that show up. Go back down the steps for a
golden gun piece. Move up and after the scene peek out and slow time as you
start to clear skulls. You may even get the car in the back to explode, but
Iím not sure how. A scene rolls when all are cleared.

After the scene, quickly pop any else who isnít Passos, which should be
three guys. Then look in your apartment for a badge,gun piece, and two PKs. To
run through the hallway you use rolls, which should be double-tapping the
run button. After the scene, look in the apartment for two clues and feel 
free to watch the short bit of TV. Then you need to roll and run down the next
hallway, stop in the burning corner, and then run to the steps which will
cause the ceiling behind you to fall and prevent gun fire. Then you can hop
right from the bottom of the steps to find a gun piece in the burning room.

On the roof you have to kill a group of three and then two more. Then turn
around and grab the golden gun piece behind the door you came out of. Move
up the rooftop and three more guys will be waiting around the corner, and
then three more will be a little further back - one which should be to the
right and closer than the other two. Hop up to the next roof and you will be
in a scene that leads into a bullet time event where you move kill six goons
while falling, so work one side up to down and then down to up on the other
side, or whatever works for you. After that ride, go left to find a gun piece
in the corner by the tables.

Follow Passos and into the ruined building do a bullet dodge into the open and
clear the baddies. Or you could try to go out the path behind your back which
will follow the walkway leading around to the side of the bad guys, which is
a wise tactic if you canít play recklessly; you can bullet dodge through these
and other windows. Go up the steps and be ready for four enemies; two will be
to the right and two on the left will be behind a doorway. Then turn around and
go into the corner of the walkway for a gun piece. Grab the two PKs near the
toilet before following Passos.

After the scene you should go bullet time and go right for cover in the room.
Mow down the baddies and the ones that follow before grabbing the gun piece in
this room. Then move up and out where a pack of goons will be waiting in the
dark area. I say go left and hide behind the dumpster and watch your sides for
charging enemies. Clear them out and that will be all.